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Serious things begin!


The transcendence of Payne


Payne to the faculty of entry into Transcendence.
His soul then relaxes from his carnal envelope, allowing him to relive a fragment of memory of a deceased.
This experience will then allow him to choose whether or not to illuminate this soul.

Game Design

HUD implanted

New HUD implanted in game for fighting!


Regarding the progress of the next demo and what are you waiting for

> The part of the main frame is moving fast! It is also almost finished to be inserted in game.
> The next demo will open all the maps of the entire island! Only dungeons specific to the main frame will not be available.
You will be able to discover the vast island that is Wullsa! I posted you Wullsa's world map.
> 2 Dungeons will be available. 1 for the main frame, The crypt of Kheist and the second optional, Sanctuary of the condemned.
> The menu will be activated! It will surely miss the Arjissium system (more details when it is released).
> A large monster bestiary to conquer and farm for the born hunters!
> A new cinematic image explaining the continuity of the universe. (The same format as the introduction of the game)
> The first unlocked side quests!
> Payne in your team with his panoply of magical skill.
> The addition of a system that allows you to restart the fight if you have failed.

Progress Report

Devlog of 14/04/2018

- The translation of the prologue into English is completed at 30%
- Corrections of the remarks brought thanks to the alpha.
- Addition of some optional scene to flesh out the links between our two heroes.
- Added an option after a gameover to restart the fight.
- Added the ability to save constantly through the menu.
- Additions of a "tutorial" step before the introduction, to the player's choice.
- Readjustment of the explanation of the mini game "Clean up the ceremony room". A trial phase will also be available.
- Addition of an area under Kheist: Drains dormitories.
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