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I need to improve my French!

  • pianotm
  • 04/25/2018 03:34 AM
Name: A Lost Dreamer

Developer: Miracle

Story: You play as Soren, a young recruit Kheist's army. On your first day of training, you save your superior's life and are disgraced when the town's doctor lies and reports to the commander that you fled from battle. Your friend helps you sneak in to see the arriving future ruler(? I'm a bit unclear on that. Is the Vahl a priestess, a future queen. The indication is that she protects the people from evil beings. If she's a protector and a ruler, what exactly does that make her?) of the land.). Of course, she selects you to escort her to her lodging (tell the truth for a fun moment with the Commander). What the ultimate goal of the protagonist is going to be is not yet clear.

Remember, kids, if you want to establish your protagonist, the first thing you should have him say is "Oh, shit! I'd better hurry!"

Writing: There's a lot more writing than there is gameplay, but I'm not really complaining as the story is extremely well written and compelling. The writer spends their time painstakingly developing our characters. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of clearly explaining the plot to us, but I can't really complain about that. The story develops beautifully. I just would have liked to have reached a point where I clearly understand the ultimate goal of the game is. The doctor is being telescoped as a villain. It could be made into a twist in which he didn't really commit the crime we suspect him of by the end of the episode, but there's no explaining away the cold, hard fact that he lied about Soren's involvement with battling the wolf. Even if it could be said that he misinterpreted what Soren reported to him, he can't simply deny that he knew Soren hadn't fled, especially since Soren was there when the wolf arrived and he clearly explained killing it. This takes away a lot of the mystery from the doctor and this kind of handled heavy-handedly. At this point, he becomes a bit of mustachio-twirling villain. Even if he's not the criminal we mentioned earlier, his actions to this point have been indefensible, and that kind of disappoints me because I'd prefer he not be this obvious, especially after he defends Soren's outburst at the end the episode. I'd like it to be a bit more obtuse. I would have liked to leave wondering if the doctor might be a good guy. Nobody should let that bother them though, because regardless, this story is nothing short of amazing. It's AAA quality writing. What I can't really speak to is the grammar. I feel like the writer is misusing commas because a whole lot of them appear in strange places, but my French is too abysmal to say with any kind of certainty.

This entire game looks like this. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Gameplay: If you squint, you might see it. Need a magnifying glass? Yeah, you see it right there? There's the gameplay! Yeah, that's a slime! The game calls them "Gooeys". You fight him, you fight a bigger him, either called a "Sticky" or a "Gelatin", you fight a wolf, and later you fight some sort of ghoul. The gameplay is side-view and based on how intelligent the enemies are, there's no doubt this is the amazing Battle Symphony put to phenomenal use. In this game, you spend 88 percent of it talking or being yelled at and making choices. You spend 5 percent of the time finding where you need to go, 5 percent of the time fighting against enemies, and 2 percent of the time on a cleaning mini-game. The mini-game has a quick time event, but it's not awful. Honestly, though, the story is worth it. It's not often I find myself save scumming so I can make sure I make the best choices just to see what happens next. What little gameplay that's there is really smooth and amazingly balanced.

Graphics: Do I need to tell you what they look like? The screencaps speak for themselves. The credits say that tilesets from Celianna are in use, but I see a lot of other people's work, too. I wonder if a lot of it is custom because I know the artwork is from one of the developers. In town, there's some beautiful parallax mapping going on.


Sound: The special effects seem to use the RTP, but the music is all custom composed and it is amazing. The looping is clean, but the where the music loops, it really doesn't flow well back into itself in several instances. In these cases, I think there needs to be a brief pause before the music restarts. That's a personal observation, though. The endings of the musical pieces are notably different from the endings, most notably the church music at the end. This can be kind of jarring when they suddenly loop back to the beginning without pausing for breath.

Conclusions: This game is simply amazing. If you know French, you absolutely must play it. It is stunning. It has a very distinct feel of games like Chrono Trigger and Star Ocean. Please note, what I pointed out in the other sections were not complaints, but merely preferences that I would have liked to see. If this game were complete, I would probably give it a five-star rating regardless of my preferences.


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Thank you very much for this very complete feedback!
In the alpha, it is normal that we do not understand yet the thread of the story, it happens very soon after. This version is here to give a quick "glimpse" of my work on this project. (that the French community has been waiting for quite some time).
For Dr. Prolïds, it is voluntary to do it parraitre directly very cold with Soren, it sows the doubt, because it is so "big" that the player wonders if finally, it hides not something good. And this is my goal: Sowing doubt.
For commas, they are all well used. It is true that the French is rather particular to apprehend for this kind of thing.
Thank you for the gameplay, the prologue is extremely narative but the freedom will come very soon. I try to imagine mini games, riddles, different interactions to make the project alive and enjoyable.
Thanks for the graphics. Some resources were created for the game (the statue at the port and the church at the back of the room, some emblems, symbols and other flourishes.
Thank you for the music. Actually, a lot of sound effect is RTP, which I find, are very good if they are well used. For music, actually, alpha did not have all the music looped. For the next versions, they will all be there.
That you compare my project to these two great rpg touches me enormously! Thank you very much !
An english version will see the light of day besides, my corrector works with it!

Thanks again for this test!
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