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Create a classic feeling/adventurous Hack n slash with rewarding exploration and a story that will captivate the audience!

Ordrah, a land of peace and solitude is where the story begins... Although it is a peaceful place, it has one staple flaw.
There lies a notoriously dangerous place within Ordrah called "Memoria Forest."
It is said those who enter the forest, usually don't come out. Over the decades, it has been told there is a curse that has been placed on the forest...
But those are just the rumors.

One morning in a normal homestead is a near the Memoria Forest, is the start of an incredible journey for a boy named Elias.
Elias and his friend, Jarren find themselves in the forests depths, but soon realizes it was a huge mistake entering. Everything seemed normal at first...
But suddenly, everything took a massive turn for the worst.
Lost... afraid... separated... The two stumbled across something far more than they ever anticipated for.

Slay corrupt and grotesque monsters - Overcome challenging puzzles - Encounter Fierce and challenging bosses - Acquaint strange characters.
Discover what really lies within Memory Forest, and overcome its Curse.

In general - Ignarus is intended to be a fun Action RPG game for players of all ages to enjoy with a nice story to tell.
Majority of the game will be taking place in a dark and bleak world called Tartarus, where ones fears and worst memories linger in the presence of every step.

-slight- Horror elements
Old School

You can keep up with Ignarus' updates here or:
Ignarus' Facebook Page
Twitter Page

Q: Okay, so let's get to the point... What IS Ignarus

A:A fantasy action RPG with an edgy story and slight elements of horror. I'm hoping to keep players on their toes as much as possible whether it is simply exploring for the MANY hidden secrets implemented, doing puzzles, fighting a cool boss, or getting the odd scare out of ya.

Q. So what is unique about your game?

A: It is a good look in to the past, what games were kind of like back in the good old Super Nintendo days. I am attempting to present a slightly new style of game play to a classic look.

Q: So, I've noticed you don't have much of a bio for any of your characters, Why?

A: I am going to let the player percieve each character on their own, pretty much simple as that.

Q: Is it going to be fairly linear with the story? Or will it have multiple endings?

A: I know it is fairly generic these days to create a game with "multiple paths" to the many different endings, but I feel if you do it just right, you can pull it off. So there will be a "few" different possibilities for endings most likely, ya!

Q: If you could pick one game that was your biggest inspiration for the creation of your game, what would it be?

A: Easy, Zelda a Link to the past.

Thank you for taking the time to read my page, and I hope you are as excited to see Ignarus' release as I am come 2018.

Latest Blog

3/20/2017 - Update

Over the past few days I've spent hours and hours fixing the FPS drop for lower end pc's/laptops.
It seems that I was able to narrow down the fps on a low end $300 wal-mart laptop from 7-10 fps, to about 20-23 fps area. which is great! The time spent on doing this wasn't in vain and I can continue with the development finally, as that is a number I find exceptional.

It was a victory in my opinion, now I can continue development and tend to other issues along the way.


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This is intriguing. I'll be keeping my eye out for this. That the most fluid Action Battle System I've ever seen with RM. Mapping seems to blend nicely. Looking forward to a completed release.
This is intriguing. I'll be keeping my eye out for this. That the most fluid Action Battle System I've ever seen with RM. Mapping seems to blend nicely. Looking forward to a completed release.

Hey thanks. :) I appreciate that, I have definitely been putting my heart and soul in to this, and I've been trying to capture a more fluent abs, so i'm glad you feel that way about it. :)
I'll be keeping tabs on updates on all my sources for the game, so it will constantly be making visual progress.
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