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"You are here to find your lost soul."

That is all he told me, before I woke up in this distant, yet familiar, land. I had created it, all of it, over many years of my life. This was my world Yadmaerd. The place of my stories.

What did he mean I had lost my soul? Was it because I had given up so many times in the past? I didn't know the answer but as I got to my feet in the small Inn, I was determined to find out.

In this game, you will follow me as I go through the deepest corners of my Imagination to find the Dreamer that once was alive. You will be able to meet many of the characters I have created along the way and may even help me find my way home.

"The greatest prison a man can find himself in is his own mind."

-Key Features-

1. No Fourth Wall: That's right! The characters will talk to me and, even, you at many points in the game. (Of course, my Main Character will be mostly picking on many parts of the game still under construction, but, oh well.)

2. The Story Evolves: By evolves I mean it will constantly change as the game is being produced. (Mainly just the times the main character insults how bad the game is in that present build.) They're will be a way to look at old conversations that have been taken out, though.
Note: The overall story will be rarely effected by this.

3. Original Art (Mostly): Other than the Rtp for Maps and Animations, I am trying to make everything else original and drawing as I go. Of course this will evolve through the course of development, as well.

4. Visible Encounters: Because who wants Random Encounters. I mean, they're so Random.

If you would like to follow a blog of how the game's developing, you can follow my blog at:


Latest Blog

Here it is....

Okay, I need to redefine my definition of "Coming Soon".
Well, here it is. My next build of the game and here are the changes.

1. First off, random encounters are in the game. I couldn't help it. It adds to the difficulty in my opinion, so I'm giving it a try.

2. Even though there is nothing new level wise, I have expanded on the story and even made a boss for the Caverns.

3. Saving is now done in the Inns and at Statues placed in the levels. I'm not a fan of saving everywhere. I just feel like it adds more of a challenge.

4. Inventory and equipment are being redone as well as the graphics for each.

Hope you enjoy the changes and know that there will be much more to come in the near future. (And, yes, I mean NEAR future.)
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  • 03/13/2017 01:57 AM
  • 04/20/2017 08:27 PM
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Get lost, "heroes"! The damsels got this covered.
The Story Evolves: By evolves I mean it will constantly change as the game is being produced. There will be a way to look at old conversations that have been taken out, though.

Oh, man! I can't believe someone else had this exact idea around the same time as I thought of it, too. That's amazing. This should be an interesting project to follow.

I would advise against overusing the common trick of having the characters make fun of the game's design too much, though. It tends to get old after a while, I found. But I'm sure that you can find other types of more meaningful comments and observations the characters can make about the state of their world and its creator and visitors as you continue work on this project.

I'm going to subscribe to this now, anyway. Best of luck!
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