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A human given the power to travel through time and space, Sullivan has come to the understanding that the universe is no longer as simple as it seems.

Every universe in existence is connected in one way or another, whether through books or games or movies...and the connection is only getting stronger. Because of this, the doors are opening for one man, only known as the Hooded Man, to escape his own universe to take power in another.

Together with his companions, Sullivan must find a way to close these connections, called Portums, and find a way to defeat the Hooded Man, all the while visiting the new worlds that have opened up, trying to solve the mystery of why the connections have grown in the first place. If he and his team don't go down this path, their universe and countless others might come crashing down completely.


  • Broken Universe- Each world is breaking apart. There are holes in the universe it seems. Therefore, you'll see characters out of place. Finish quests to send them back to their home-world.

  • World Travel- Worlds filled with different themes, characters, and quests are explored throughout the game. Travel to each one from a mysterious dimension known as the Gateway. Each world is planned to have different tilesets and shaders, making it seem like you really are in different worlds.

  • Time Passage- Feel the world react naturally against the sands of time as the sun sets and rises in its favor. Not only is the sun and moon affected, but the weather is affected as well, naturally changing itself as it would in the real world.

  • Time Splicing- Use Sullivan's abilities to change the passage of time and space around your party.

  • Customization- Use/equip special outfits that you can switch in and out of at will. Outfits for party members can be either bought or rewarded, with benefits added upon equipping. Changes will be shown through regular gameplay as well as in battle.

  • And More!

Leave some feedback in the comments section so that I can work hard to fix this game up and form it in the way YOU'D like it! Your opinions are important and will be listened to!

Keep in mind, there's also a Wiki page that you can visit to learn more about characters and lore. You might even find secrets or easter eggs on the game within that site...take a look around!

Original Gamejolt page: http://gamejolt.com/games/dotnh_demo/99304
WIKI: http://doctorartist.wikia.com/wiki/Doctor_Artist_Wikia
Trello: https://trello.com/b/W51j90Zy/dawn-of-the-new-hour-progress

Latest Blog

New Music and Update

Hey! Its me, your friendly neighborhood indie game developer! I’m here to tell you that there’s a new song added to the Music list on the Gamejolt's DotNH page. Also, there’s a new update FINALLY coming out, after a year, and that’s this coming week! Start the countdown for a new update that gets us ever closer to completely finishing this demo up!

See you real soon!

Link to Gamejolt's page
Link to Soundcloud if you don't want to wait


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I once banned myself by mistake
I can travel through time and space. But only in 3D space and only in 1 direction in time
I can travel through time and space. But only in 3D space and only in 1 direction in time

This is now my favorite quote of 2017, and no one can convince me otherwise.
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