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"After finishing off the almighty eldritch Deity known as the Unholy Cat, Tod decided to search for something important. After a 1000 years of wandering through the varies Portal realms, he got surprised by a Boss called "Wrath"... Tod came to the conclusion that someone wanted to hunt him down. Prepared with his trusty scythe, he has set out on yet another journey. The Journey to find out why this game was ma-... i mean, why someone would hunt him down."

This game takes place after the events of TOD the grim Reaper, in a post apocalyptic world filled with the nastiest of Monsters, Robots and mythical Beings. Yet again, you play as Tod, who decided to find out why someone would hunt him down, even though he CLEARLY killed the Creator of all beings and whatnot. WHO COULD THIS MADMAN BE!? (Reads short description oh... ok...)

As you can see, I give much care in the story. But jokes aside, this Game is just a sequel to the ever so famous Linear Hallway of Survival Game... but this time WITH A TWIST! = There are two possible endings!!! I know, it's unbelievable!

This time around I changed up the formula of the battles. The battles are/should be much shorter than in the previous game, BUT much more dangerous! So better not spam attack, or else you will never get through the Game!
This time with the addition of "Items can be collected in varies locations" and a minimap to help you out where to find them. And as mentioned, a different path you can walk(which is mostly still the same, you just have to beat up some additional bosses) to experience a different ending that the previous Version of TOD 2 didn't had.

This Game also features a Hard Mode for only the brave ones.
The Hard Mode changes are:
-Every Enemy has boosted Stats
-Every Enemy at least has one new Move/bosses have at least 3 new Moves
-2 Superbosses (OH BOY, WHO COULD THEY BE!?)
-Maaaaybe a lil' bit of added Text nobody would notice!?

And again, I would like to thank many people who have invested the time in playing this game! Without you guys, I wouldn't be able to pull off such a weird experimental Phase of my Game making Life!

As stated above, this is Version 2 of TOD 2.
Here's what I did to balance things out:
-Balance enemy stats
-Balance skill damage
-Balance Boss battles
-Added different graphics + I put more atmosphere to it.
-Added Hard mode (STILL YET TO COME!)
-Added a alternate Final Boss
-Tweeked the ATB System a bit to not be wonky
-etc. (Can't think of something else right now.)

I changed the Game to be a better Game... lol.

Latest Blog

Features of TtgR3 + some Backstory

So today I'm gonna talk about how TOD 3 is gonna be 10x more fun than the first 2 Games.

But before we begin, I know I harp on the first 2 Games like they are trash and not worth playing, but there's is a legitimate reason as to why these 2 Games are the way they are. And as much as I tell myself that they could be improved upon, they aren't really that bad! It's just something you can do a 1st time Playthrough of and never play it again.
But the reason, why they are so lackluster is actually a little complicated and has a lot to do with the 3rd Game as well.

tl;dr. Basically symbolism and laziness.

!Spoilers... kinda for the whole TOD series ahead!
So... these 3 Games represent the 3 Alignment Types. The first Game representing being a Good Guy, the second one being a Bad Guy (Though that is extremely vaguely explained) and the 3rd one being Neutral.
The Neutral Route being non-linear, symbolises that you have choices and can go whereever you please and whatever you can do.
In the first Game Tod was determined to finish off the bad guy and he didn't care about anything else. After the defeat of the bad guy, Tod knew what he has done and didn't hesitate to take the killing blow. Killing the bad guy in the first Game is essentially killing off the entire Universe, because the bad Guy is actually the Creator of this whole thing. After you've killed him, the Universe slowly starts to vanish and will disappear in roughly 3000 years.
After that, Tod didn't really know what to do and just started rampaging and started killing lots of Monsters that were getting in his way slowly but surely turning a bit mad.
But at the REAL end of TOD 2, his Bro told him a lil' about his own past and told Tod to "calm down, Bro". He also told that his Home is still out there and that his Home isn't fully dead yet.
Tod being calmed down and determined to face the consequences of his actions in the past. (He murdered all of his Friends and Family in his Home, because the bad guy of the 1st Game told him to do so.)
And that's where TOD 3 begins. After that you can make lots of choices to redeem yourself or finish it off for good, or just do the right thing.
That or i'm just lazy to make actual good Games...

Now you know!

So what exactly will TOD 3 do in terms of variety?
Alright... check this shit out:

-Negotiation/Interactions with the Monsters
This probably will mostly determine your future in this Playthrough, so you'll be doing this a lot maybe... probably... or not.
Monsters will have Traits of their own and you can decipher the Traits with your Scan Ability. You will also have access to the Talk Skill which let's you choose to interact with certain Monsters and try to do what they wish from you.
Once you talk to them, you will be given choices on what to do. If the Choice is met with the Trait of the Monster (I.e. if the Monster Trait is Honest, tell the truth, or if it's Funny, tell a Joke, etc.), you two may get along and you will either receive prices, money, information, etc.
There aren't JUST good traits though... there also will be bad and Neutral traits for Monsters as well.
The bad traits are handled differently. You will have to fight the bad trait monsters, but of course not until you kill them, but until you hit them with certain skills. (I.e. if they have the trait Fearless, hit them with their weakness or if their trait is pessimistic, hit them with something they absorb, etc.)
Neutral ones will be rare and will have HIGH rewards. They are regarded as very wise and will be difficult to convince. Their Traits will have special ways to convince them.

Here are the Traits for each Group:

GOOD Traits (Indicated by Blue Names)
Honest = Tell the Truth
Kind = Show Care
Funny = Show your Funny Bone
Optimistic = Show you see potential in the Future

BAD Traits (Indicated by Red Names)
Fearless = Hit their weakspot
Confident = Hit them with whatever
Pessimistic = Hit them with what they absorb
Wild = Survive the Battle until he's had enough

NEUTRAL Traits (Indicated by Green Names)
Persuasive = ???
Ambitious = ???
Informed = ???
Authoritative = ???

Remember Final Fantasy 2?
No... not for the SNES but for the Famicom.
Remember how that had a neat Keyword Mechanic and how almost every NPC reacted to the Keywords (To be Fair, most of their responses were "?" lol)
I will implement that and have every NPC tell you something about every Keyword.
You will receive a bunch of stuff if you say certain Keywords to certain NPCs.

-Mini Games
lol for those that just wanna fuck around. (I saw a Touhou sort of Script for VX... i might throw that in, just for lolz)

-Side Stories
Remember your Friends? That one Robot dude, that Abomination with just one eye and a Silent Puppet? Yeah... they were kinda there in the first 2 Games.
I'll give them proper Stories in the 3rd, but only if you want to.
This will be completely Optional for each route, but you will receive something for it, don't worry.
I'll also not forget about the NPCs, i'll give each one a lil' bit of Backstory and Character.

-5 Endings.
5? Why not 3?
Ok, so i kinda hated how Undertale handled the 3 different Routes with their endings.
Like, let's say if you kill EVERY monster and like hit Metatton not hard enough you will get the neutral ending... that made sense...

There will be more variation in the endings you approach.
-True Pacifist Ending
Never killing anything.
-Pacifist Ending
Never killing anything, but also not really helping out anyone.
-Neutral Ending
Kill some Monsters.
-Mad Ending
Killing a bit too much...
-Death Ending
Killing everyone.

Is this going to be too much for me? Is this just a promise I will never keep? Am i a madman who has way too much Time?
You tell me, i don't really know.
Either way, i will inform once i'm done with the Game.

Cheers, fam! ~Shin
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  • 03/14/2017
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I'll probably play this when episode 3 comes out. I have a hard time committing to unfinished projects.
I'll probably play this when episode 3 comes out. I have a hard time committing to unfinished projects.

This is actually finished. The Episodes thing means that it's like a Series. Maybe i just shouldn't have included that. lmao
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