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"After finishing off the almighty eldritch Deity known as the Unholy Cat, Tod decided to search for something important. After a 1000 years of wandering through the varies Portal realms, he got surprised by a Boss called "Wrath"... Tod came to the conclusion that someone wanted to hunt him down. Prepared with his trusty scythe, he has set out on yet another journey. The Journey to find out why this game was ma-... i mean, why someone would hunt him down."

This game takes place after the events of TOD the grim Reaper, in a post apocalyptic world filled with the nastiest of Monsters, Robots and mythical Beings. Yet again, you play as Tod, who decided to find out why someone would hunt him down, even though he CLEARLY killed the Creator of all beings and whatnot. WHO COULD THIS MADMAN BE!? (Reads short description oh... ok...)

As you can see, I give much care in the story. But jokes aside, this Game is just a sequel to the ever so famous Linear Hallway of Survival Game... but this time WITH A TWIST! = There are two possible endings!!! I know, it's unbelievable!

This time around I changed up the formula of the battles. The battles are/should be much shorter than in the previous game, BUT much more dangerous! So better not spam attack, or else you will never get through the Game!
This time with the addition of "Items can be collected in varies locations" and a minimap to help you out where to find them. And as mentioned, a different path you can walk(which is mostly still the same, you just have to beat up some additional bosses) to experience a different ending that the previous Version of TOD 2 didn't had.

<Hard Mode coming soon!>

And again, I would like to thank many people who have invested the time in playing this game! Without you guys, I wouldn't be able to pull off such a weird experimental Phase of my Game making Life!

As stated above, this is Version 2 of TOD 2.
Here's what I did to balance things out:
-Balance enemy stats
-Balance skill damage
-Balance Boss battles
-Added different graphics + I put more atmosphere to it.
-Added Hard mode (STILL YET TO COME!)
-Added a alternate Final Boss
-etc. (Can't think of something else right now.)

I changed the Game to be a better Game... lol.

Latest Blog

Please not another one!


Now to only finish the hard mode and We (More like I) can begin the fun part!
"What are you talking about?" you ask? TOD 3 of course! NO, NO, NO, NO! Don't run away! I haven't told you yet that this will be a much different experience!

TOD 3 will be a Persona 1/2 like game in which you can talk to the Enemies to engage in a conversations and choose not to fight. Or you know... that one game that came out recently and got a lot of hype and was decent and what not-like.
Like, you knooooow, you have 3 different endings depending on whether or not you were a good boy or not, you know... THAT game.

Anyway, i'm making it special and not TOD 1 and 2 like.
It will feature more shit than you could ever imagine! ... or just your standard JRPG with 3 different endings and a reasonable length.
I'll also try to make the game remember what you did... but not 4th Wall breaky, LIKE A CERTAIN OTHER GAME.

Well... you know... oh look! Sorry guys, i don't have much time left! I have gtg, k bye!
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  • ShinNessTen
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Strategy RPG
  • 03/14/2017 09:04 AM
  • 03/20/2017 04:13 AM
  • 03/14/2017
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