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The gloomiest of greetings, traveler.
Why gloomy? Well you landed on Grimorb Nine, what did you expect? Besides, it’s been grimmer ever since the Space Devil arrived.
People have been driven out of their home for refusing to pay patronage to the Devil. The dead have taken over while the humans seeks shelter in mountains. But to what avail? The Devils reach is far and wide, soon not even the caverns can protect them.
Even these sacred grounds we stand on now aren’t safe from his presence. A sucker of souls have made its lair within the temple. Now the soulless husks of the priests roams these ancient grounds; so be careful, will ya?.
In the north the fanatical Blood Men have built a church of bones for their cosmic entity. During the night you can hear their mad ramblings echo through the hills.
So yes, traveler. Gloomy greetings it is.
- A peculiar figure

Take the role of an up and coming demon hunter who just arrived at Grimorb Nine. Your adventure will take you across the planet as you seek a way to destroy the Space Devil.

Defeat demonic foes with the automatic battle system

Collect chests of power to increase your strength

Take down more powerful foes

Unveil the mysteries of Grimorb Nine


Latest Blog

Devlog #2: Inventory & Menus

Gloomy greeting, reader.

I’ve spent the weekend working on the menu and inventory system for the game. It’s not yet 100% but it’s far enough to show how it’s going to look like.
Here’s a quick gif showing it off in action:

In the settings menu will be able to change the border around the game, toggle the screenshake during combat and the biggest one being combat speed. Changing the combat speed will impact the game, as setting it to faster will make it harder to use items or run away. The instant speed disabling those features completely.

The inventory is limited to six items (they do not stack). This is mainly because I want there to be an impactful choice with what you bring with you the various zones. Not just stack up on all healing items and grenades you can afford.
There will be three types of items in the game:

Healing - Restores your health, useable both outside and inside combat.
Combat Items - Only useable during combat, damages the enemy with a set amount.
Mods - Temporarily modifies your stats. Only useable outside of combat and their effect will wear off after one battle.

So far the only item type that works in the game is healing items outside of combat. But my next step will be to make items work during combat.

Also calling it now, this inventory marker is the best thing in the game
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  • Momeka
  • RPG Maker 2003
  • Adventure Puzzle RPG
  • 03/15/2017 07:11 PM
  • 03/22/2017 12:36 AM
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Well, well, welp
SPACE DEVIL this will be your FUNERAL.

This looks like a tasty piece of candy. Good luck finishing the development.
SSSSUUUUUBBBBBEEEEEDDDDD!!! This game is strangely insoluble. Been following this one in the screens thread, and excited to see it here. You're doing awesome Momeka! Very much looking forward to this.
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