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Devlog #5: Trees & Combat

  • Momeka
  • 05/07/2017 07:01 PM
Gloomy greetings, readers.

Just like last week I’ve been completely swamped with work so haven’t had much time or energy for this project. Sadly something that will most likely continue for a couple of weeks. BUT that said I’ve gotten a little bit done.
Saw the weekly map thread with the theme “Rural town” and decided to take it as an opportunity to expand the tileset a bit.
It now has water, tree, grass, stone walls and wooden houses.

These are just test maps, probably won't make it into the game

Also put some work into the battle menus and using items during battle. You can now use an item per round of combat (something that might change to unlimited or more than one turn, still needs playtesting).
You can also escape from the battle, you always succeed in your escape but the drawback is that the enemy get it’s health back.

It still need some work, item effects are all temporary and I want the inventory position to be dynamic like the combat menu.

Most likely won’t be a devlog update next week as I doubt I will have anytime at all for the game next week. But I’ll try to get one out the week after that.


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I say that green trees don't fit the rest of the scenery. I would try to make them orange.
The menu looks swell, tho.
Did some quick color test

I'm leaning towards the red/pink one.
I like the pink one but the main color doesn't go well with the rest I think and the orange ones aren't as distracting as the others
I also like the pink ones.

the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I actually like the green, but I can see why you might not want to use it
I actually like the green, but I can see why you might not want to use it

I also kind of like the green, actually.
Pink ones are nice. They may even fit in better than orange ones, which are nice but little boring. I would try to use both of them to show a progression through a level.
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