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In part 1, it's the night Damos destroys the world with the fire element, Furno. Still, the angry deity seeks to further disgrace his enemies on the godship by personally sowing them up with his Reapers. Play as Murk, a delusional hero, obtain the Toxic Dagger, and guard the ship.

In part 2, after the world ends, Murk awakens in his old town, Nimble. The recent past appears to be the time. The Toxic Dagger is by his air mattress, and Murk is met by the deity, Damos, who shows a special interest in the weapon. Also, Fatts, Murk's old "homeboy", from the town greets him with a proposition to use the dagger to gain fame and wealth by destroying unstoppable monsters who infest the nearby Urther mines.

The game explores the grandeur in a delusional, silent hero's mind, an illness derived from being used and abused, and the sadness of a planet that feels its state of death.

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Game Features and Characters.

Game Features

Enjoy a 3 hour demo of a RPG that is old school in its exploration and turn base battle system but new school in it's psychological approach.

Play 3rd person in the mind of a delusional but strong character. See his psyche.

Slay beasts in the mines that have been taken over by monsters.

Steal the town cart to get around town faster.

Discover secret nuances and mini games in every corner.

Go on a hunt for innocent blood to empower your Toxic Dagger to kill beasts.

Begin to learn about most the main characters and the Toxic Dagger.


Murk Galactic
Height 6'3
Age 21

Described in one word: Loon

The ex-mercenary for Organization X, Murk, awakens after the day the world ends, to the recent past in his old hometown, Nimble. He stays silent but thinks and hallucinates. The town remembers Murk to be the quiet, disturbed kid in school, but now he's a young adult and has risen up the world's most top-notch mercenary organization. He appears to have returned and has begun sleeping with a dagger by his air mattress.

Fatts Sweeny
Height 5’8
Age 23.
Described in one word: Ambitious.

Murk’s childhood best friend, Fatts, stands on the verge of being banned from the village. His troubled and underprivileged childhood causes him much want, and there is nothing he won't try once to get it all. Fatts spent some time after high school training as a Mage to battle in the arena miles south from Nimble, but wound up only managing his homeboy, Dominos. Fatts seeks to use his own training and Murk’s mercenary background to start up a small monster hunting business to gain wealth, fame, and women.

Krow Rise
Height 5’7
Age 20
Described in one word: Overachiever.

Krow’s father fought as General in the Great War. She engaged herself in spiritualism, the high school athletics known as the Olympics, and being homecoming Queen. After her father’s dishonorable discharge, she fell into partying with classmates and holding on to grudges. Murk carried a crush for her in his teenage years, but upon his awakening in the town, Krow has been missing for 2 and ½ years. The rumor goes that someone dared her to go in the mines on the day of a great tragedy, where many died at the hands of Damos. The town misses her and wonders what happened to her.

Damos the deity
Height 8’5
Age ??????
Described in one word: Angry

Most known in the Western countries; Damos has been thanked for these continents success in battles and their ideals of charity, power, and prosperity. Damos is known to be connected to elements including Urther which is the power the humans seek to enrich themselves. The Deity is believed to become bored with destroying devils and Imps, to be unstable in that he's tired of pretending to uphold the West's values, and to be ready to massacre and ravish the West and the entire world. It’s after Damos destruction of the world with the fire element, Furno, that Murk awakens in his old hometown in the past. After awakening, Murk quickly gets a visit from the angry Deity. It's a mystery as to where Damos anger stems from but some Talers (those who share the oral word) tell that when it rains, he's beating his wife.

Allexus Maritime
Height 5’6
Age 206
Described in one word: Cunning.

He was brought into the West by a wealthy, cultured family who educated him and thought him to be a wonderful, promising pet. From there, he became a serial killing Imp by posing as a pet, only to go from home to home boiling those who adopted him. Due to this, Allexus was sentenced by the operations leader of Organization X to only inhabit the dark places, where monsters are at their highest counts. Allexus arose to being the lord of the dark places and often stands between Murk and Fatts and the monsters they hunt.

Stevie Ray Bones.
  • Completed
  • 1st of 2 episodes complete
  • StevieRayBones
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure RPG
  • 03/19/2017 08:21 PM
  • 07/09/2018 01:21 AM
  • 03/17/2017
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I refuse to grind with monsters I've just met for money.
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
I refuse to grind with monsters I've just met for money.
I'll be honest....I'm dissapointed in the lack of feedback and help one gets from this site. .I like to write and create...I've been in forums where one gets enough feedback to improve. Here one gets 1 review in a year...My game is a mixture of comedy, psychology, and a lot of character development..the only review I get in a yr is someone who thinks it has to be one of those 3 and who doesn't understand the complexity of what I'm trying

Now, that's ok, but I don't understand why the site is set up so that when one does the hard work it takes to make a demo, it's difficult to get reviews...make it where each game is easier to feedback and to get feedback!
"Someday I'll finish my game... someday.."
Hi StevieRayBones,

I know I played an earlier version of the game.. I'd certainly be interested in playing it again with the new stuff you've added. I started a new thing where I'm recording my playing sessions. So I'd be happy to do that for you this week, and as you watch the game footage, you'll undoubtedly find some things you'll want to change and improve.

If I recall from the last time I played, it was pretty funny in some parts.

And yes.. it is hard to get feedback sometimes.
I refuse to grind with monsters I've just met for money.
Yeah, you were really helpful before. That'd be good. I'll take all the help I can get.
I refuse to grind with monsters I've just met for money.
From a technical standpoint this game does lack...but lemme tell you this...if nothing else on a deep level every NPC holds a part of the story. On a less deep level, you're going to at least have 1 legit laugh...and we all need that sometimes
I refuse to grind with monsters I've just met for money.
The game has 96 downloads and 1 review...Was a review that didn't understand the complexity of what this is the beginning of...still 1 person has given me.public feedback.

I really cared for this game and will again. But at the moment I see the game as a whore, where after I fuck it, I just want to turn around, go to sleep, and never look at it again
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