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New Download!
Updated to fix the devastating missing graphic issue mentioned in the review(my bad)! Enjoy the demo and let me know that this isn't 1-star material!

(gotta admit, still some inconsistent character faces here and there. but this shouldn't affect gameplay)

TIPS for beginners:
(1) If you're owned by green spiders in the first area... equip your dagger. Trust me, it helps a lot.
(2) Annnnnd, remember to save. A lot. Especially before you choose Yes from a menu option. This game gives higher rewards and therefore higher risks to perfectionist, and should be playable for people who just want to play through without all the incessant inspection on every tile.
(3) Throw your logs at skeletons if they overwhelm you. These bony creatures are only weak against crushing strikes, which neither Khalim nor Lydia are able to do in the early stage.

Who needs another story about vampires?
What if it's in fact a deep adventure of a charming yet calculating vampire girl who seeks revenge on the mankind but met with twisting plots of kingdoms' conquests, racial hatred, and manipulative vampire brotherhoods? Did I mention a young benevolent Elf who interwined in her way of destruction?

*This is a story intensive old school RPG.


The story of U.G.H. is set upon a medieval time period where the world is divided into conquesting kingdoms, and when the might of raging knights and the mystic power of unpredictable wizards are relied upon. Numerous sentient races dominant the surface of the world while Humans and Elves co-exist as the two most influential races over the lands. Vampire activity was low in general but people are aware of the existence of such a type of creature.

The time of Lydia and Khalim, the two main characters, is undoubtedly troubled. Their home kingdom - the Kingdom of Rosethorn has been the single superpower over the world for hundreds of year, thanks to its highly developed level of wizardry. However, as Rosethorn loses certain important members of its great inventive and powerful wizards, and that inter-racial hatred among the Humans and the Elves which equally populate the Kingdom is on the rise, other highly militant kingdoms are simply waiting for the right chance to take over the dominant position once and for all.

Meanwhile, vampire activity over the streets of Rosethorn is on the rise. Many speculate the increase in the organisation of vampires and believe that the threat of vampires is "imminent" and would "undermine the Kingdom from its very core"...


LYDIA (Human Vampire, 17(at the time she became a Vampire), Mystic Blademaster)
Lydia certainly had the worst Human life one could ever imagine. Growing up in a troubled family with an abusive father, she was deprived of the normal happy childhood that one ought to enjoy. Lydia met with a surprising chance to become a vampire at her 17 and took it up without hesitation. Intelligent and observant by birth, adding her tremendous vampiric powers, she decided to take her revenge upon the sentient races over the world. She spent another 27 years brushing up her social, mental as well as physical abilities in order to secretly subvert her own home kingdom and incite a "war to end all wars" through her deceptive and cunning means...

KHALIM (Half Elf/Human, 16, Jester)
A benevolent young Half Elf from the peaceful Berries Town, a pure Elven community. Direct descendant of the renowned Elven Hero of the Sands - Abzallah Kune, Khalim tends to identify himself with his Elven side more than his Human side from her mother, perhaps due to his higher respect for his hero father. Her mother resides in Berries Town and enjoy great respect and friendliness due to her respected but deceased husband. Khalim is a literature student at the great F.S.A. College of Rosethorn but he secretly despises his status quo and always wishes to revive the jester within him. In his solo graduation trip, he met Lydia in the Forest of Perennia. Only the Nine Gods know how his benevolence and Lydia's cunningness would blend together by chance and lead to the interesting adventures they have together afterwards...

Development Direction / Goals of the Project
- Provide simple semi-linear old school RPG enjoyment.
- No fancy script hoarding. Use what is strictly necessary for gameplay or aesthetic reasons.
- Provide a story which is meaningful enough to spark some reflection but not indoctrinating / imposing.

Demo Version
Demo v2 is out, now including the Chapter 1 + half of Chapter 2 for Lydia's part! Featuring:

- Skills up to the 20th level
- New party members
- First town (Partially complete, up to beginning of Sanek's espionage mission)
- Side quests (Troll quest chain / secrets scenic area with attribute bonuses)
- Large scale fight scenes
- Consistent facesets for different characters (almost)

Gameclover Autoshadow Killer
KGC Scripts
Syvkal's Passive Skills
Dargor's Weapons Unleashed
http://lud.sakura.ne.jp/index.html - Monsters Battlers

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Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
this has such a badass fucking name
Looks like a really good game : )
*BIG sigh*

First and foremost, I would like to let anyone who cares know that I rage-quitted the development after losing like 50% of the progress I made due to some sort of hard drive failure in 2010. (up to some encounter with a vampire guild trying to hunt down Lydia or something) It is highly likely that I won't restart the development... but no one can be quite sure about the future, right? Only the FSM knows if I would go all crazy with RPG making in the future again. After all, these stupid fan-fic like stories still pop up in my mind now and then and I may need an outlet.

Anyway, I feel mildly amused to have received a full-length review (even if it's the 1-star variant), and the few subscriptions / comments, despite the demo was only like 5 minutes long.

Sorry if I ever kept anyone hanging.
It's a beautiful game with no sense of direction. I definitely see the potential here, but I fear that with a lack of direction, a confusing story, and balance issues may hurt the game more. I played more than an hour into it, and I do have to say it's an intriguing game, it just needs some definite polish to give it the edge that it needs.
will u continue working with this game?
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