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Shadow Star is a classic JRPG, reminiscent of Final Fantasy 4-6, Lunar, and Chrono Trigger


Twenty years ago, evil sought to plunge the peaceful world of Galandria into eternal darkness. Though his motives were unknown, the Dark Emperor, Veloros, threatened to open a portal to the “Shadow Star,” a place of dark evil. Legend claims that the Shadow Star harbored innumerable demons and evil spirits; a certain and unstoppable threat upon Galandria, should a gateway ever bridge the worlds together.

Five brave heroes, led by the great paladin Garett, managed to hinder the portal’s opening and ultimately defeat Veloros from unleashing the darkness. Their valiant efforts brought peace, a peace which all Galandrians could live by; that is, all but one…Mephalak, Veroros’ talented and powerful apprentice. Upon learning of his master’s demise, Mephalak vowed to avenge his death and finish what was left undone…

While little is known of what became of Mephalak, rumors have arisen that tell of his alliance with the Moon Elf kingdom – a kingdom at war with humans and their very own cousin Wood Elves. If true, it’s only a matter of time before Mephalak is able to successfully gather the resources needed to complete his unholy task.

This is where our story begins; in the humble logging village of Solace. It is here that young Lance and his older brother Bryce, are about to embark on an epic journey that would change the world of Galandria, forever!


These are just a few of the characters that you will encounter in Shadow Star.

He is humble and kind-hearted. Lance looks up to his older brother Bryce, but often feels inferior to him. Though conflicted between training as a Light Mage or a Warrior, Lance has harbored dreams of traveling on great adventures like those of the legendary hero Garett and his companions.

Extremely confident and an exceptionally skilled with the blade, Bryce aspires to someday become the best swordsman in the world. He is outspoken and is never afraid to speak his mind. While he sometimes has difficulty showing it, Bryce cares deeply about his younger brother and remains faithfully protective over him.

As happy and cheerful as a sunny day, and just as bright, Celestrea is top of her class at the famous light mage college. Her natural inclinations lead her to see the best in people and help those in need. While outwardly she exudes joy and kindness, she bears the distress of a disturbing dream; a dream which she fears lies in the future…

The 'Greatest Archaeologist in the world!" ...well at least that’s how Bailey would have you believe. Though only twelve years old, playful and exuberant, there is no mistaking that his intelligence and wisdom are beyond his years One other thing is certain; wherever a piece of history needs to be discovered, you can be sure that Bailey will find it, one way or another.

Caliph is a quiet and reserved old man, living just outside Solace. As Bryce's swordsman trainer, he has always been a great mentor to him. Though sometimes referred to as “the crazy old man,” by the townsfolk of Solace, little is known of him beyond his natural wisdom and affinity for collecting books, trinkets and ancient antiquities.


Plot - A very deep and engaging plot. This is truly the heart and soul of this game and where it shines the brightest

Dynamic World – When not engaging the main storyline, players will have the opportunity to undergo a myriad of side quests, unlock secret rewards, uncover lore and more.

Secrets – Shadow Star rewards exploration! Items, weapons, hidden quests and more await those who want to dive deeper into Galandria.

Hidden Abilities – If players are able to locate the rare and coveted secret spell scrolls, and complete their associate quest(s), these scrolls empower players with hidden, unique and powerful class-specific spells.

Rarity System – Items vary in rarity, denoting their power/potential. Their color indicates rarity (ex. "Common"=White, "Uncommon"=Green,"Rare"=Blue, and even rarer items)

Mini-Map – No cartography skill required.

Active Time-based Combat System

In the final release, there will be approximately 40-50+ hours of gameplay featuring engaging plot twists, quest system, and even branching plot lines that vary based on the choices you make!

Early Reviews/Impressions

Below is a video review of an earlier 'beta' version of the demo. Many updates and changes have been made since this was done to include new battle character

Latest Blog

Shadow Star 'Official' Demo Released!

The wait is finally over...your portal to the world of Shadow Star has now appeared!

It is with absolute joy, I present to you the 'Official' Shadow Star demo!!!

This demo is featuring entirely new custom graphics and animations that I think you'll really like. In addition, there have been new side-quests added and "hidden" treasure mechanics. Exploration, is at the very core of Shadow Star.

So, venture forth and be sure to let me know how you liked your journey in the world of Shadow Star!
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Thanks SquallStorm! Again, thank you for your comments before on Drifty's video! =) It's an awesome site and I thought it'd be a good place to share my game! That's been kinda the hardest part, is finding ways to get this game out there and have people realize it even exists.
I'm honored you remember me! Yeah building an audience is hard. Your game shines through. I've got mine on here too. I'm adding another dungeon before I upload the next demo, though.~ I'm reaching the 1/4 point.
Why does the game stumble and drag??It's slow
Hmm...I've tested it on a handful of different systems and it runs well. Also, most everyone that I've received feedback from, have said the game runs well on their systems too. However, there have been a couple of reports of what you described. I found out they were running off of older systems. The lag is most likely due to the fact there is a lot of parallax maps in the game which puts a lot more strain on whatever video card and other system resources you're running with.
Played this demo.
It's fine so far, perhaps needs some balancing.
Esp. the Archmage-Boss was extremely tough and he killed me nearly trice. Why couldn't I get the treasure chests on the top floor?

Some bugs/gliches (without grammar)
  • Village at night (Goblin raid): the map is quite different to the normal one. The mill is missing its entrance, the church-note is at another tile and why is the old man still on the graveyard?

  • Caliph's hut: the chests open too early. How do I got the treasure in the well?

  • Light Mage Academy: You cannot reach the chest on the right side of the building. And in the building you can climb up the wall in the sleeping quarters.

There are many tiles you can walk under or over which should be solid.

But keep going!
Awesome feedback, thank you! So I'll definitely tweak the Archmage a little bit. If there's any other fights that stand out let me know. I've used a pretty good template to balance player/enemy HP/MP and abilities but I did have a feeling the Archmage was going to be a little challenging. Which is actually kind of what I wanted but I still might tone him down a little though.

As far as the village at night, yeah there are areas I see now that need to be updated. That part was one of the first things I worked on and I didn't know then as much as I know now, so I plan on either revamping that map or at the very least updating it(even though it's only used for that scene)

Good catch on the chests in Caliph's house, however, the treasure in the well is a secret that can be uncovered later much like the treasure chests on the other tower at Ryloth(Which is why I colored them differently). Basically, there are either secret entrances, portals, or keys that will only be available later in the game. It's up to the player however to piece those together and revisit the older content to unlock those kinds of treasure.

I fixed the wall issue and treasure chest at the Light Mage Academy. So should be good to go there. Thank you so much again for the feedback so far and let me know when you finish the demo and your thoughts of the story and what not. Many thanks!!
I already finished the demo.
Two things I forgot:
Dashing was only possible on the 2nd floor of the Pub in Tabern Cove (I may have misspelled it).
I would have that for most maps please. At least outside of houses.
When your party takes a rest like when waiting for the night to approach, they should recover. I even thought why have I to pay for the INN when I live two houses farther up?
Perhaps there can be other solutions.
These levels I had when facing the bosses: 2-3 Goblin Mage, 5 Archmage, 7 Lamia.
The Archmage was by far the strongest. Lamia was ok esp. with two healers and a group healing spell.
Sounds good, I'll address those things you mentioned. Again, thank you for the feedback! =)
Leave your thoughts guys, I want to know what you think of the game. Pretty please!!! =)
Downloaded this game today to give it a try.
I found a section in the village where you can get stuck and have to reset the game.
I've saved a screenshot to my computer. (Looks like you can only attach images from websites here?) I was able to walk LEFT over the blue flower but then got pinned in and could not walk back to the RIGHT. It's just by the wishing well.
Oh ok, thank you LazESigma! Yeah if you want to just e-mail me the screenshot at shadowstargame@gmail.com, I'll take a look at it. Also, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the game after you finish the demo.
Wow! Those are some cool looking animated battler sprites!! ^_^ And i'm already loving the main character's personality. :) I'm gonna include this in my library of cool RPGs and play!! ^_^
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