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Kate Hart is a second year college student who has escaped a traumatic past by transferring to a private University far away from the one she attended before. Jacob Miller is a criminal convicted of the double homicide of his girlfriend and her best friend.
How will they meet? Will they even meet at all? The story is at your bidding.
(Age recommendation 14+)
CLICK HERE TO PLAY FOR FREE: http://hidehartgame.x10host.com/Web/www/
(warning: this browser version is slower than the downloadable version. Ex: music plays late, longer loading times, etc. Not recommended for "Let's plays" and full evaluation of the game.)

Hide, Hart is an RPG horror experience that allows the player to unveil different aspects of story based on the player's choices. Each decision branch has its own ending, but most endings end in death. There are 3 different escape routes and 4 different endings!

Controls: arrow keys to move, z or space bar to confirm, x to cancel, and hold shift to run. (I do NOT recommend mouse for chaise scenes).

If you make a "let's play" video or review the game on youtube, send or post a link on here OR on the Facebook page! I would LOOOVE to see it, and I would promote your content on all my sites.

The game is made in RPG maker MV, and is created by just one person. Courtney Calle is an indie music artist and college student, and she has produced all art, music, and story in Hide, Hart. (PS: This is my first game, and I plan to make many more so feedback would be great!)
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Latest Blog

Hide, Hart v2.0 ! (just want to thank anyone reading this)

As some of you know, (either from playing previous versions of "Hide, Hart", whether on the browser or the downloadable game) I am NOT the most technologically savvy person. Since the "official" release of this game on March 15th, I have received dozens of messages about problems with the game (and honestly it was no surprise because I've never done anything like this in my life), but these messages were not what I expected. I really expected people to write me rude, condescending messages about how it made them mad, or scold me about my lack of experience. Oddly enough NONE of these messages have that tone to them.

It's honestly amazing. All the messages were kind and ultimately helped me fix the problems! As someone who dabbled in MANY different forms of art (music, poetry, drawing, novel writing) I know firsthand that unkind advice is unavoidable and inevitable. But with making this game, amazing enough, not a single person has been unkind. I'm amazed at the small but tight community that has surrounded itself with my game! I'm just blown away that people actually care about this random project I created on whim!

So I just want to say thank you to the "Hide, Hart" community (aka: the people that have been incredibly patient with me over this last month), and all the future members of this great community. Please enjoy the updated version of "Hide, Hart", and ANY feed back at all is always appreciated.
Thanks again,(^-^)
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  • 03/21/2017 03:51 AM
  • 11/04/2017 04:12 AM
  • 03/15/2017
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Hi!, fun game I really like the story and the character designs are pretty cute.There is a problem whith the game though, when you get to the point where the selfie is taken a message on the screen says there is an error and the photo wont load and it wont let me progress from there either. Just thought I should let you know thanks a bunch. :3
Oh yes! I just fixed this mistake today! It should be fixed now. Thank you so much for your time and patience. :) Glad you thought it was fun until then, thanks again! (^-^) -Courtney
After talking with Anne, I got this Error message pop up.

"Failed to load: img/pictures/dark%20filter.png"
Thank you for letting me know! I just uploaded a version that should be all fixed. :)
Hi, i downloaded the updated version and now i get an error message right after the first message in the game "it was wednesday...etc.".
I hope you can fix it, your game looks really good and I really want to play it. Good luck!
Hey ! I just fixed it again lol So sorry guys!! I tried to make the file smaller and easier to download, but I excluded an important file by mistake :P so it should work now.
Hi again! I finished the game, I really liked it, too bad it was very short!
Yah MLamii2, It's my first game, so I wanted to start small. :) Only about an hour ish, I know. but thank you for playing :D
I've finally got the 4 endings! Nice story and pretty drawings :3 I'd like to play another game with this atmosphere (if you want to make a new project) like... a prequel? ;DD
I've been considering a prequel ;) so we shall see !! :D

I've finally got the 4 endings! Nice story and pretty drawings :3 I'd like to play another game with this atmosphere (if you want to make a new project) like... a prequel? ;DD
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