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“the fragility of the human spirit is like glass – it can break at even the slightest disturbance. sometimes the pieces are big enough to easily put back together, and sometimes the fragments are so small that it is almost impossible to tell what they once were. but regardless of whatever beauty and perfection the original work held, and whether by accident or with will, each shattered piece carries an edge sharp enough to draw blood.”

The last thing 10-year-old Ervay remembers is sitting in his family's car, but he wakes to find himself alone in an odd castle – a castle that holds entire villages all within its walls, and that grows increasingly twisted the further he descends. The only thing it lacks is an exit.

Confused, frightened, and separated from his family, he has no other choice but to explore the corridors in search of his loved ones. What is this place? Why does it seem as if someone doesn’t want him to leave? And will Ervay be strong enough to face those truths once he can no longer deny the answers in front of his face?

♦ Laced with humor and horror, Glass is a story-driven RPG centered on its characters. It isn't the world that needs saving, but you.

♦ Face your fears in predictive turn-based battles. Detailed stats and a variety of skills give you all the tools you need.

♦ Explore snowy fields, industrial slums, haunted forests and more, all within the castle's eerie walls.

♦ Build character relationships and collect journal entries to uncover extra scenes and powerful skills that can turn the tide in battle.

♦ Optional character conversations flesh out the world and story.

♦ Minigames and sidequests augment your escape.

♦ Stylized pixel art and an atmospheric soundtrack bring the castle the life.

♦ Enhanced with over 50 scripts.

♦ Full-length, with 15+ hours of playtime (final version).

This is a demo version of Glass featuring the first 2 - 3 hours of gameplay.
The full game is in production with an expected release in 2018.

More information is available at DawnSeeker Studio.

Latest Blog

Glass Demo Now Available for Download!

I'm excited to finally be able to say that the first demo for Glass, a story-driven, turn-based RPG that tells the story of a young boy trying to escape from a strange castle, is available now! The full game is still very much a work in progress, but the demo is mechanically complete and covers the first 2 - 3 hours of the game.

Glass actually has quite the long, messy history. While the murder mystery game Happy Birthday was the first that I finished, the original version of Glass was actually my first RPGMaker project, and my first game design project in general. I started it the very same night that I downloaded RPGMaker VX on a whim. In hindsight, probably a bad idea. Eventually, the original, outdated version of Glass was scrapped, but the story and characters wouldn't stop speaking to me, which resulted in this more polished remake several years later.

One thing to note is that those who have played Happy Birthday may notice some thematic and characterization similarities. Glass was actually the originator of these concepts. Happy Birthday was developed after the original version of Glass was canned, and because I hadn't planned on continuing it at the time, I 'remixed' some of my favorite ideas from that project into Happy Birthday. However, the plot itself - and the major twists, of course - are different, as are the characters themselves. Nonetheless, the two games share a similar flavor, so despite the different gameplay genres, I hope that players who enjoyed Happy Birthday will also enjoy Glass.

Overall, the decision to create this remake has been worth it - I've really loved working on this project, and I'm looking forward to sharing the completed game as soon as possible. It was the project that made me realize my love for game design, after all, so I can't help but be fond of it. As odd as the game might be, I hope those who decide to give the demo a go find at least some of that enjoyment in it. I would love to hear any feedback you might have as I continue to improve and produce the rest of the game.


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Woooow!!! This looks really cool! Amazing! The title is so attracting and the way the story is written even more! Love the introduction, which you wrote before the plot... It has quite a mysterious and, I don't know how to explain it, attracting feeling... Anyway, this game has really a big potential! Besides I love story or characters-driven rpg!!! Can't wait till it comes out!!! Besides the mapping is also very well done! I will immediately download the demo and try it as soon as possible!!!
Your last game was really awesome, so I have high hopes for this one. Downloading it right now
Thanks to both of you! I hope you both enjoy the demo!
Omg, yasss!! A cool game!! Wait, I didn't read the plot yet, but looks good already!
*read the plot* *some minutes later*
As I thought, seems really interesting! I just hope that it will not be too cliche.
Gonna play it TODAYYYY!! I will tell you what I think as soon as possible ;)

Peace out.

PS: *subscribed*
From the creator of Happy Birthday comes an RPG with those features?

Sign me up! xD
Hi TearsOfNightfall, i wanted to ask you(although it's a very dumb question) how can I save? I played yesterday for a while and then suddenly there was an error and now I have to play all over again, so... Since i didn't know how to save, i want to know it now so that I don't have to play always all over again if something happens... Anyway, sorry for the disturb and thanks!
@NoBody13, @Knightowl Thanks - I hope you have fun with the demo!

@Make_it_MagiK Do you remember where you encountered the error? That sounds like something I should look into. Sorry about your lost progress. But to save, you can interact with most beds and select 'Write in Journal'.
@Make_it_MagiK Do you remember where you encountered the error? That sounds like something I should look into. Sorry about your lost progress. But to save, you can interact with most beds and select 'Write in Journal'.

I'm not very sure about it, but I think it was in the hallway to the second/third floor's door... Anyway, the sure thing is that it happened after I went to the kitchen. I will play now again and if I encounter it again I will let you know for sure :) Sorry for not being that helpful...
And thanks for your very fast answer! I really appreciate it! Now I can plaaaayy!!! XD

*edit, to avoid double-posting*
I encountered the error again in the hallway "under" the kitchen, here it is:
Hmm...odd, I'll have to experiment with battles in that area and see if I can reproduce the bug. Thanks for letting me know. And no problem - sorry about the inconvenience.
Hmm...odd, I'll have to experiment with battles in that area and see if I can reproduce the bug. Thanks for letting me know. And no problem - sorry about the inconvenience.

You're very welcome! Glad to have been of help!

*edit, to avoid double-posting*
So, I played the demo and... IT WAS AAAAAWEEEESOOOOMEEE!!! I mean REALLY!!! Your game is one of the very few that I enjoyed till the end! I can't wait to play the completed version of it! LOVE IT! I'm not exaggerating, if that's what you are thinking!
Anyway, I plan to write you a more detailed feedback/impression about it, but not right now, since I have to assemble/rearrange all my thoughts on it! Till next time!
Finished the demo, and here are some of my thoughts.

I want more! Seriously, the cliffhanger at the end of the demo (that was some serious wtf) left me with wanting to continue the game, by the way, the plot advanced rather quickly for a demo, or it seems like explained a lot of things about the castle, expained many things for just the first 2 hours of the 15 hours planned.

The gameplay and art were interesting, and the characters even more, they manage to be likeable despite their flaws (well, you already managed to do something like that in Happy Birthday), everyone has their "issues", come on it's a mechanic of the game even, and also...

The main reminded me of a key character in Happy Birthday, in the sense that both are children from a rich family who failed to live to their parent's expectations, and feel jelousy to their more successful sibling, personality wise though, he is different, e.g., he is more childlish, expected due to his age (well, until that TWIST)

I only found one serious bug in the game, after a battle

After the boss battle when you first found the faceless girl if you go back to the basement with Ervay alone the game will repeat the sequence of Shane's recruitment, I had a save just after defeating those bosses, but that can probably ruin somebody's game

In short, I'm eagerly waiting for the full game.
I really want to play this! I look forward to reviewing your first demo :3
@Make_it_MagiK: Thanks - I'm glad you enjoyed it, even despite the bugs!

@JEStaff: Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

Regarding that character observation you mentioned...

Good catch. That's not entirely coincidental. Happy Birthday was finished first, but Glass was actually started first. The original version of Glass was scrapped for a while a couple of years ago, and during that time, I 'remixed' some of my favorite ideas from it for Happy Birthday, as I hadn't planned on continuing Glass at the time. This version is a remake of the original concept. Because of that, though, Glass and Happy Birthday do share some similar themes and characters, although the plot itself, and of course the major twists, are different. In regards to Ervay, he isn't intended to be nearly as cold as the Happy Birthday character you're referring to.

Also, I don't know how I managed to miss that bug you mentioned, but that one should be an easy fix, so I'll try to post an update to the demo over the weekend. Thanks for pointing it out.

@QueenRikku: Thanks - looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Brother, you did a great job :")
Cheers! Can't wait for original game.
The demo seems to be enjoyable and atmospheric so far.

Here is my feedback though.

Firstly, the music sequence for sleeping is a bit too long if you ask me.
Personally, I'd want my character to be up and running faster instead of having to wait awkwardly for the bit too long sequence every single time when I need a heal.

Secondly, the stamina limit might sound like a nice system but it really isn't.
Most players would probably want fast running speed all the time instead of having to crawl around when your stamina runs out.

Will be looking forward to the original game. :3

P.S// Ah, after beating the scripted fight with the blue thingie where Ervay learns his first magic, I walked up to a red thingie in the same room to start a fight.

When I beat the fight, the game crashed on me. GG.
The setting kind of reminds me of Castle Oblivion, what with the whole "world inside a castle" thing that's going on. This seems pretty interesting, I'll have my eyes on it =3
I uploaded a review for the demo. It's awaiting for approval from the site (the other demos I uploaded were accepted, so this will probably get accepted too)

I played the game again , and this time more carefully, but I'm sure I still missed a few details. Also the demo it's not rated, because we're only experiencing a small part of the final product, and the demos usually have problems or bugs that get fixed in the final version (I'm sure the couple of bugs I found will be gone soon).

Regarding the similarities with your old game, well that what I call Author style and, for example the detective in Happy Birthday shares a few similarities with Elenore in this game, I mean personality wise (but the detective is nicer).

Also in the comparison of the characters I mentioned before (I won't blatantly spoil the games, but I want to be safe)...

Well, one is the "hero" and the other is the "villain", I put them in quotes because both divert from their usual roles. Ervay, to start with, isn't a straight hero, he even can be considered a sort of innocent anti-hero, on the good side he is just childlish, but otherwise a good kid,but under the same line of thought we can say that he is coward, selfish and jealous, also (this is a theory of mine) given what we saw at the end of the demo I'm sure that his presence in the castle was his fault (but we'll have to see).
As for the other character, let's say that in the end they learn to feel regret and guilt, and got a bit of hope (this character was very interesting for me, it was one of the few times I wanted to, at the same time, give punishment and a second chance to the same character)

Before I forget. I reviewed the 1.0 version, so there's probably some changes by now, if you found something you fixed already, feel free to ignore it.

Edit: couldn't put a hidden tag inside another hidden tag, so I used an small font as a "double barrier" to avoid spoiling the games to someone (of course, if someone wants to read it will do it anyway)
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