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Glass Demo Now Available for Download!

I'm excited to finally be able to say that the first demo for Glass, a story-driven, turn-based RPG that tells the story of a young boy trying to escape from a strange castle, is available now! The full game is still very much a work in progress, but the demo is mechanically complete and covers the first 2 - 3 hours of the game.

Glass actually has quite the long, messy history. While the murder mystery game Happy Birthday was the first that I finished, the original version of Glass was actually my first RPGMaker project, and my first game design project in general. I started it the very same night that I downloaded RPGMaker VX on a whim. In hindsight, probably a bad idea. Eventually, the original, outdated version of Glass was scrapped, but the story and characters wouldn't stop speaking to me, which resulted in this more polished remake several years later.

One thing to note is that those who have played Happy Birthday may notice some thematic and characterization similarities. Glass was actually the originator of these concepts. Happy Birthday was developed after the original version of Glass was canned, and because I hadn't planned on continuing it at the time, I 'remixed' some of my favorite ideas from that project into Happy Birthday. However, the plot itself - and the major twists, of course - are different, as are the characters themselves. Nonetheless, the two games share a similar flavor, so despite the different gameplay genres, I hope that players who enjoyed Happy Birthday will also enjoy Glass.

Overall, the decision to create this remake has been worth it - I've really loved working on this project, and I'm looking forward to sharing the completed game as soon as possible. It was the project that made me realize my love for game design, after all, so I can't help but be fond of it. As odd as the game might be, I hope those who decide to give the demo a go find at least some of that enjoyment in it. I would love to hear any feedback you might have as I continue to improve and produce the rest of the game.

------UPDATE 09/07/17
Demo version 1.1 is now up. This is a minor update with bug fixes. Unfortunately, there is a stubborn bug that occasionally causes the game to crash when a battle ends. As a temporary measure, the ability to save at anytime from the menu has been enabled, and will be enabled until this bug is fixed. Saving often, just incase the crashing bug occurs, is recommended.

The next major update of the demo, containing new content, should be live by the end of the year.