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ERVAY (male, 10, offensive mage)
Energetic, but uncertain and sensitive, Ervay is a young boy who lives a simple existence in Seattle with his wealthy parents and two siblings. He has a good heart, but he can be prone to jealousy and selfishness, and doesn't consider the consequences of his actions as carefully as he should, even when compared to other children his age. He is easily influenced by emotion, and is very protective of his journal.

ELENORE (female, 20, fencer)
A peculiar woman who claims to have lived alone in the castle - her "world", as she calls it - for years. She has no memory of how she arrived there or what her life was like before, yet claims to be content with her previously undisturbed existence. Hostile, impatient, and sarcastic, she isn't exactly the definition of comfort, but she might be Ervay's only hope if he wants to survive inside the castle.

ELLIOT (male, 24, defensive mage)
A mysterious, melancholy man with the wings of an angel - one white and one black. Elliot is practical and compassionate, if withdrawn. When he speaks, he often serves as a voice of support or reason. However, he is very passive, and seems to exist only to help others. He also seems to understand more about the castle than he is willing to share...

SASCHA (female, 17, axewoman)
Inquisitive and playful, life is one big game to Sascha. Her childish nature often causes her to be perceived as younger than she is, which will quickly set off her hot temper. Immature, nosy, and rowdy, she isn't always the easiest person to be around, but her unwavering, upbeat attitude is reassuring, and she comes right out and says what she thinks!

SHANE (male, 19, gunman)
A discontent boy who likes girls, booze, loud music, and anything else that might get him into trouble. He's always out for a good time or a cheap thrill. He also has a prying curiosity and doesn't care if he has to be rude to satisfy it. He is very stubborn, and takes himself very seriously. His rebellious and carefree exterior, however, hides an earnest and loyal heart.

ANNETTE (female, 19, musician)
A bright, confident girl. She is honest and dependable, but can be judgmental. She considers herself very mature, and is highly perfectionist. She is her own worst enemy - she'll never accept anything less than excellence from those around her, much less herself. She is also easily overwhelmed by stress, and yearns for the praise of others. Music is her escape.


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The characters are very interesting! Are everyone of them main characters or some of them appear only for a little time?
Thanks! These characters are the 6 main party members. Once met, they will join your group for the long term (although they don't all appear within the scope of the current demo).
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