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Lost in a (not-glass) castle

  • JEStaff
  • 04/22/2017 07:26 PM
This is the demo of a traditional RPG about a lost kid in a strange castle. The version played is the 1.0

The gameplay is mostly like an normal jRPG, with some twists. You normally explore the castle with your party and fight monsters in non-random battles, the differences start with a light stealth element, you can avoid the monsters either by walking past them or by running, but if you run they can detect you from afar, also you can’t run permanently, because you have a limited stamina (which grows as you level up), so it’s possible to get caught by a monster because your character “got tired”.

The second particular mechanic is the presence of an Anxiety bar, which can grow when you are attacked, and I’m sure that some events also can modify it. In a sense works as a second MP bar, but: First, It depletes when you rest, and second when is too low or too high triggers a status aliment, as the name implies, this is emotionally related (like fury or depression, the reason behind this is linked to the plot, details later), and when the bar is full it may sometimes unlock a powerful special move (at least I didn’t saw it every time) this is kind of like the Limit skills of the old Final Fantasy games.

The game has also some character growing features, like extra dialogues, choices to increase you affinity with other characters, and some journals about the protagonist.

Sadly, being an 1.0 version Demo, Glass it’s not free from bugs, I personally found 2. The first one appeared a couple of times after a battle showing a message and closing the game.

This might pop up after certain fights

The second appears after a specific event…

After the first encounter with the faceless girl, and after defeating the boss she sent you. If you go with Ervay alone to the basement, the game will repeat the sequence of recruitment of Shane, and you’ll have to load a saved state to continue.

Despite this the game is really enjoyable, and it’s polished in the rest of its parts.

Graphics & Art
The game manages to be interesting on this aspect, despite not being an art or graphical powerhouse Glass accomplishes it’s objective of showing a weird place and keeps an remarkable atmospheric environment (helped by the music and sound here). The objects and maps doesn’t looks like created from scratch, but with the combined use of nice effects and a very well done mapping (among other tricks), Glass becomes pleasant to the eye. The playable character’s sprites and their portraits seem to be completely custom though.

As a last comment on this area, I didn’t found any graphical glitches in the game, the objects were well placed, and the portraits didn't change the character in the middle of a dialogue for example.

Music & Sound
The game achieves a superb remark on this feature, much like the creator’s old game Happy Birthday, the music go along very nicely with the atmosphere of the game and with the events of itself, it avoids becoming a chore (a feat, because only this demo is already longer than Happy Birthday) with small tricks like changing the music for battles a couple of times, I mean, besides the obvious boss fights themes (which by the way, also changed from one boss to another).

Such a waste of delicious food

Storyline & Characters
You first control Ervay, a 10-year-old who wakes up in a place he didn’t had the most remote idea of its existence, he soon encounters a girl named Elenore who swears to be the only inhabitant of the castle. The things quickly take a turn to the weirder side as our characters try to find an exit to said castle, and later, things get worse with the intrusion of some events from Ervay’s past and the apparition of an strange character.

As for the characters themselves, the playable ones are probably the most attention-grabbing part of Glass, making a likable cast despite their flaws, everyone seems to be hiding something, and as I mentioned before Glass has also options to develop the character better like optional dialogues and choices on them (and I’m sure I missed a few). In addition, the MC is a mystery as big as the world itself, having a lot of secrets regardless of his young age, the game’s questions reach a peak when…

The demo ends and we discover that Ervay isn’t who seemed to be during the whole demo, suddenly making sense of many events which seemed out of place, I even made a theory about it.

What if Ervay is already adult, made something very bad as an adult and was sent into that castle as a punishment? Of course then the same must be true for the other characters as well.

In short, the story is catching and has a group of optional characteristics that add to the whole experience.

As a summary, the demo is promising with nice features, besides, the cliffhanger at the end of the demo, left me wanting to play the rest of the game soon, and that the best thing you can expect of a demo.