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This is an experimental game, using RM2k3 and DynRPG, with a fake 160x144 resolution. I already changed it to 256x144 because I may want to work further on this on another engine :V All systems are evented with the help of aweosme plugins (thanks Kazesui and Cherry!).

Actual Story:
There was a great war upon the land, that lasted for an entire century. Countless were the dead, and the world was bathed in chaos.

Five warriors from all across the land united together, not long ago, to finally end this bloody war. Now everything is peaceful, everyone's back to their own places... But it also is kinda boring, isn't it?

A world without war?

Levin and Noah decide that now that the war is gone, it's time to live life and pursue a new meaning. Thus they embark on a new journey to find a long missing friend but more importantly, to live life, now that they can.

Together We Go features a fixed party of two characters; Levin and Noah.
Systems are all streamlined and simplified to give room to its handful of unique features:

- Mix spells! Cast two spells in sucession and unleash a secret, powerful combination spell Burn then Freeze your opponent with Antipode! Some spells don't result in new combination spells but rather carry over the effects of the first spell into the second. Spread that Poison with Silver Wind!

- Simplified Phase Battle system -- Turns are divided between player and enemy phases. As such, there's no SPD stat. The character on top always acts first, while the one below always acts second -- use this to your advantage while setting up dual techniques!

- Proficiency Stat System -- Away with levels! Earn stats after almost every battle, influenced by your battle behaviour! Want more STR? Attack more! Want more MAG? Cast more spells!

- Charm Equip System -- Levin and Noah's equipments are well-beloved and insubstitutible. Instead of equipping new weapons and armors, equip up to 5 acessories to change battle statistics and produce interesting new effects!

- AP System: Away with MP! Characters have 5 ap and regain 1 per turn. Spells consume 1-5 AP per cast.

- Spell School system -- Learn abilities in 4 different skill schools!
Physical Techniques: these cost HP and are unique to each character.
White Magic: Healing & Protective spells which mix with themselves or Physical Techniques.
Black Magic: Offense & Debuff spells which mix with themselves or Physical Techniques.
Forbidden Magic: Powerful spells with assorted, battle changing effects, they cost 5 AP and don't mix with other spells. (Except for Bolster, which mixes with the second spell making its effect much, much stronger!)

Graphics are fully original and will be made available on my OpenGameArt page (as well as here, on RMN).
Audio is either ripped from old RPGs (mostly SaGa where this drinks a lot from) or created by myself in the case of sound effects.
If a composer eventually finds interest in composing a score for this game, I'd be happy to hear their offer!
I might seek to hire someone for such a situation in the future. It really depends on the shape this project takes.

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I'd never saw the construction progress of a game so close like this one. Sharing the same group-chat as Joseph, my anticipation for Together We Go became greater with each screenshot we received, heh.
Plus, something about the story of just two friends wandering, looking for someone, coupled with those comfy graphics just adds up to the serene atmosphere that I'm sure that this project will have. No surprise, coming from Joseph.

Looking forward for the finishing of this game so far!
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is

This is awesome and I love everything!

(p.s My name is Noah, so)
Thank you very much guysu!~ <3
And @SantannaCL, thank you all from the server for all your feedback! It's been very very useful! ~ <3
Yesssss! Good luck! Really looking forward to this one.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
When are we gonna get a battlescreen?!
WIP battlescreen up! yay!
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
WIP battlescreen up! yay!
I hope I didn't force anything by asking!
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Not at all! : D
Good ^.^ I just had to see the battle after all those lovely screenshots. The resolution(even if fake) is really doing wonders, and if it's easier for you then awesome!
I find this incredibly intriguing! I'm always looking for a game with a new system, and YOURS has caught my attention for sure. I will be playing this and reviewing it as best I possibly can. Hope there is a demo :3
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob

So this is what you’ve been working on lately, huh? Very interesting…

The graphics kind of remind me of something that you would see on the Gameboy Advance or Wonderswan platforms and it definitely has that Romancing Saga kind of look and feel to it and all as it all looks utterly fantastic. I’m also interested to see more of this duel combination system similar to Breath Of Fire 4 with its mixed spell casting abilities and such. Either way, this looks like it’s gonna be a real treat.

EDIT: So after reading the description some more I'm guessing that you’re planning on going with a FF2 sort of level-up system instead the more traditional means, right? Cool, I can dig that. I’m guessing, since there are only two characters in this game, that this won’t be as grind heavy compared to FF2, right? 'Cause that's one of the things that I hated about playing FF2 from before. (God, the memories.)
Thank you very muchhhhh~~ I'm hoping you all have a very good time with it in the future! <3 <3

As for the stat system, it is similar to FF2 in a way, but so is the entirety of the SaGa series, in much more balanced and interesting ways. Still, I'm using an ultra simplified stat system -- your only stats are HP, Strength and Magic, HP increases during certain intervals and a little extra by using guard / provoke skills, STR by using weapon abilities and Magic by using... Magic
In fact, there are levels for all of these three, they're just invisible to the player -- every battle you earn "HP Exp", "Strength Exp" etc. and level up in these stats -- the amount of exp to these stats that you get is increased depending on your battle actions, but it's certain that you're getting a certain amount. And I want to make the numbers big so you always gain something after every battle, even though there are only 3 stats.

Defense is handled exclusively by equipment and abilities -- Equipment provides Def% and Mdef% (stacking too much of the same is counterintuitive as these two have diminishing returns -- equip 2 +10 Def% items and you get 19% Def)
Abilities like Guarding, Protect etc. further divide the resulting damage (so say you have 50 Def%, are under Protect (that halves damage) and guarding (that also halves damage), you'll take 12.5% damage only.

I think working with percentages like this and little stats is quite clear :3c
Anyway this is all still pretty much planning only as i'm still coding the menu hahahahah, by testing and iterating i might change the way stuff works completely, who knows what sort of mad realization my brain will have
Well, well, WOW!
Delightful screenshots! You may have heard that I'm sucker for small resolutions.
I like that it's about life after war too(like Rambo is).
You're magical to me.
I can't believe I didn't see this earlier! This looks wonderful and you have my support, Jo! :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
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