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Beginning in the dark ages of the Kingdom of Zeal, Princess Schala is thrust into the politics of her royal family. Facing an impending Ice Age with their power source, the Sun Stone, dwindling away, they are left to find an alternate power source. A mysterious energy source beneath the earth is discovered and harvesting begins.

After Schala's pendant, gifted to her by the guru of life, reacts with this mysterious new energy, she finds herself travelling through time and taking things into her own hands to right the wrongs. She meets up with some familiar characters, and some new faces, across time to help conquer a new evil.

Before the rise of Lavos, a planet devouring creature of immense power, the Frozen Flame gave magical power to its first contact.

Created as a prequel to the infamous Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, Chrono Source introduces more of a back story leading up to the events of Trigger, with hints of the Cross universe.

- Over 10 hours of gameplay
- New Characters
- New Maps
- New Techs
- New Equipment

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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Heya! Just wanted to let you know that under the Games section your description is cut off. Best of luck! ^.^
In Ozzie's fort, all of the enemies are doing critical hits on my character. Is that intentional?
Also, I am stuck in Ozzie's fort. I played the organ to remove spikes and hit the area that looks like a present. What am I suppose to do after that?
There are multiple switches you have to hit to enable a hidden bridge. One switch is very well hidden. best of luck!
Game will NOT download

test it other mirror...
Game downloaded and opened fine.
First conversation has a line like:

Janus, can you try to make them stop?

Keeps repeating indefinitely.
Can't do anything???
I've never come across this issue before. Please try re-installing the Data folder and starting a new game. If it persists, please let me know.
so hmmm tried to extract the file it crash half way through, tried 10 times... I dont know what to do, even redownloaded 4 times.
It crashed while extracting? Did you download from the rpgmaker website or the chronosource.wix website? I dont think it should matter but try both.
Just beat this game. Only significant issues I've come across were related to characters blocking NPCs during cutscenes. Most significant was the cutscene where the party enters the Truce dome claiming that they're thieves. It repeated once I exited the basement, but Schala blocks the NPCs. I only managed to bypass this by messing with the switch for the event.
Thanks for the report! I'll check up on that!
you really need to work on the asset clash. stuff is different sizes, scaled wrongly, sprites aren't scaled while map elements are, etc. it really makes it a bit sore to the eyes.
the characters are really small in comparison to the screen as well.
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