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Beginning in the dark ages of the Kingdom of Zeal, Princess Schala is thrust into the politics of her royal family. Facing an impending Ice Age with their power source, the Sun Stone, dwindling away, they are left to find an alternate power source. A mysterious energy source beneath the earth is discovered and harvesting begins.

After Schala's pendant, gifted to her by the guru of life, reacts with this mysterious new energy, she finds herself travelling through time and taking things into her own hands to right the wrongs. She meets up with some familiar characters, and some new faces, across time to help conquer a new evil.

Before the rise of Lavos, a planet devouring creature of immense power, the Frozen Flame gave magical power to its first contact.

Created as a prequel to the infamous Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, Chrono Source introduces more of a back story leading up to the events of Trigger, with hints of the Cross universe.

- Over 10 hours of gameplay
- New Characters
- New Maps
- New Techs
- New Equipment

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Werff? Any walkhoughts?
Here you go: https://youtu.be/80Jnc0CPgLA
It just look at: Avoid battling other than these who block player way, and some bosses. I think that is old, but some opponents not get out even them beat at ten times at road ( yeah... ).

Ealier game i not get there at shop in Prison, and i not need destory all, just change these switch, And after them put them back... Erf?
EDIT 2:is chrono complemiun at closed?
In game now i go past,
died one
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