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Team Olympus - An RM-classic exploration-based game in an alternate universe

In a land known as Athana...
The ruling Astra, Ghast, was overthrown by the resistance at the battle for Star Palace. Led by Team Olympus, the battle marked the first time Athana had been free from the rule of an Astra. Without a leader, factions within the resistance began to turn against each other. Finally, even Team Olympus itself dissolved.

That's pretty silly.
Wars and all that stuff.
Who would have thought, huh? Barbaric.
There aren't any great struggles like that.
Not anymore.
No conflicts. No world-wide battles.
Only Home City. And there is peace in Home City.
With Psy, the natural world is all coming together now... New developments, breaking research... It's the answer to all of life's problems. Everyone can now have everything they need. There's nothing to fight for. Psy can be used for the common good, and resources just aren't scarce anymore. No big loss, wouldn't you agree? Who would have it any other way? Fighting is for kids. Collectible swords, model armor. You name it, they'll hawk it. It seems only in afterthought do we get any idea of what we've missed. There is no great war for the next generation. Only the kids run around with visions of grandeur and triumph and victory. And then they grow up.

But some still dream on. This is their story.

Okay, that's pretty much the preface. This is a fairly old project I had kicking around that I thought deserved some kind of release. It's not altogether a bad game, just fairly old. If you read that intro carefully, you'll realize it isn't exactly plot-heavy. You take control of a band of travelers from Home City who discover a path into Athana, where they become involved in the struggle with Team Olympus. The graphics are nothing great; mostly spliced RTP, Edo, and Refmap stuff, with a few originals here and there. Basically, this game might not be the best of anything, but for some reason, it's fun to play. Maybe even an enjoyable experience. So I thought I'd stick it up here.

The objective is to retrieve the six emblems and bring them to the Flying Mountain, in order to prevent the villain from re-opening Star Palace and becoming another Astra. To do this, you must journey to the five temples, defeat the bosses, and recruit the lost members of Olympus and former leaders of the resistance. All have gone their separate ways, and guard emblems or else treasures of the Flying Mountain.

So, some of the game's features:

Party Shift Battle System
The game uses the default battle system, so nothing special there. It's fairly well-balanced though. Anyway, the key is how the battles are used. There are four members in a party, but twelve playable characters. During a battle, you the player must assign characters to monster parties. For instance, if you're attacked by 2x Soldier I, 1x Ghost and 3x Wolf you might assign Solo, Kave to 2x Soldier I, 1x Ghost and Kojn, Mono, Tork to 3x Wolf. Each character and monster has associated strengths and weaknesses, so it adds another layer of tactics. You can also swap around party members mid-dungeon, so pace each character. It's a pretty neat system.

Once you get past the introduction, the game is largely based on exploring the world of Athana. It's
a pretty big place, with:
-5 elemental temples with a high volume of puzzles and rooms: Fire, Water, Forest, Shadow, Spirit
-8 storyline sub-dungeons based on a certain theme: Blasiy Mines, Diving Holes, Tidal Palace, Castle Dark, Castle of Seven Lords, Shadow Valley, Infinite Sands, Force Temple, Star Palace, Cloud World
-7 non-storyline option dungeons that are very tricky but well worth it: Desert Colossus, Ice Crypts, Dephiless Mines, Aerial Rift, Geothermal Caves, Jungle Keep, Ice Mountains
-8 not really memorable towns: Home City, Mountain Town, Magioscientist Village, Onett Point, Monster Village, Elven Town, Shade Grove, Desert Town
-3 "Mystic" dungeons - No battles at all, just very complicated around a central puzzle: Winding Maze, Palace of Shifting Winds, Gates of Hell
-25 hidden areas on the world map
-25 generic square maps, landed on from the world map
-600 items
-150 monsters
-250 skills
-100 unlockable skills from monster items
-600+ maps

Ability System
Character can learn abilities in a variety of different ways.
Level Up: Characters occasionally learn a skill automatically when given enough experience
Monster Item: Equipping items that monster drops for a certain period of time teached them a skill
Spellbook: Some characters can learn arcana from the rare spellbooks
Scroll: The magioscientists can construct scrolls of lost magic from elemental stones from Mana Trees
Biomech: The character Mono can only gain abilities by the construction of biomechanical addons from his house in Home City. Select the elemental base and mechanical base.

Flying Mountain
The Mountain serves as a headquarters for the party. Recruitable characters sell items here, or else
you can check the status of fighters in the party. Also organize the team, view conversations, and check the next objective from here. The mountain also serves as a vehicle for transportation about the world map. All encounters are fought from the mountain. With the right upgrades, the mountain's FlightPATH system can traverse streams, oceans, and air.

Other Random Features
Let's see... Support conversation sort of like Fire Emblem, gardening, 12 "lost artifact" weapons, mana mixing menus, trading item sequences, hidden areas, memo system, semi-custom menu, and I think that's about it.

So if this interests you, give it a try. Should be a pretty simple game to get into. Remember, there's a readme included. And I didn't package this like most of my other releases; it's in the format of an RM2K project. I'll be adding an RTP-bundled version in a short while; for now you'll need the RM2K RTP.

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wow, a finished game, i'll give this a go when i get time.
there's a bug, when i start the game, i seem to be in some random map and i can't see my character, and when i bring up the menu it actually says there's a glitch and to tell psy so can you please fix this?
Oh wait, that's the debug map. I completely forgot to change back the hero start position and I don't have RPGmaker2000 on this computer. Sorry about this! I'll get on it!
Alright, fixed it, really sorry. Thanks for the heads up!
(I should probably add you to the credits now... Hm)
Download Now button takes you to another forum (after 2 redirects) where you have to look for the game yourself.
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