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This game is originally Japanese. It has been translated into English and Thai.

Creator : Mitake
Translator : Nolfwin
Tester&Graphics Retoucher : Whateverzone
Playtime: About 5 minutes.
Production tool: Wolf RPG Editor.

Game description: What Kinu (the name can be changed), a girl who woke up in the dim room found was a letter.

"The mountain god disguises as a human and knock on the door. It is said that the true form is somewhat strange-looking. Once you provoke the mountain god, the river will be swallowed, the mountain will be destroyed, the sky will be concealed, by the act of the mountain god. Never, ever make the mountain god angry."

....Then there was a sound of knocking on the door.

About game content: There are reptiles in this game. For those who are not good with them, please be careful.

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This game is awesome. It's made in Wolf, right?
This game is awesome. It's made in Wolf, right?

That's right!
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