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A cool 10 FPS...

The Tavern is an indie game for RPG Maker MV. This is a commercial game, so this review will follow my normal commercial game review standard of recommending or not recommending the game's purchase. This game uses a mix of RTP and some custom graphics. But I didn't mind the RTP so much in this game because there was obvious effort put into the mapping and the custom graphics made up for some of it too. The music for the demo is also very ambient and gives a nice atmosphere to the game.

Some good mapping here.

This game focuses a lot of the player's interaction with the NPC's. You are told at the beginning that your choices will have consequences. And many characters have many dialogue options to go through as you enter a conversation with them. This is a game about getting to know the characters and the world you inhabit. This is a feature I could really get into (I liked games like Dreamfall Chapters and Life Is Strange.)

Having explored the outside of the inn I had a conversation option I wouldn't have had if I hadn't explored.

I had a good look in the game folder and could see quite a variety of music, tiles, and plugins for this game. This game will have a lot of features, but the issue with the game is poor optimization. If you refer to the 2 screen shots I took above, look at the top left corner. I turned on the FPS counter to show how slowly the game was moving on my computer (yeah, I'm getting technical here.) This game was moving at a snails pace. I have designed my own RPG Maker MV game and it doesn't move this slowly. So there's something in the features that is using up a lot more CPU than my computer has.

Personally, I wouldn't purchase this game due to the technical issues. Anyone with an older computer or a computer that has a less than stellar CPU should take note. I would highly recommend having a look at the demo to see how the game runs on your computer then making your own informed choice about purchasing this game.

For reference I have included my computer's technical stats:

Asus Laptop
Window 7 - 64 Bit
Intel B940 @ 2.00 GHz
Geforce GT 520MX - 1 GB
4.00 GB of Ram


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Thank you for your review! It's a good thing that you had a chance to confirm if the game is going to look smoothly on your laptop (and decide if you should purchase it as well). By the way, I love Life Is Strange. ; )

- Aureus
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