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Really good fun game

  • Vcb
  • 04/21/2019 01:03 AM
As of writing this, ARCADEA is in development and it's current version is v0.2

ARCADEA is a great game with wonderful art and music to accompany a brilliant story. So far the story seems really well written and thought out leaving me longing for more at the end of the demo. The music adds even more character to this bright, colourful and mysterious world, I often found myself noting how charming it was. The music used for the town/village was very pretty and I felt it complimented the scenery greatly.
The main concept of the game is that people accomplish their dreams through video games - everyone owning their own unique arcade game machine - allowing people to "fulfil their strongest wishes". I thought this was really cool and can't wait to see how it is further implemented in the future! It being used as a way of adding more depth by showing what and who the characters are is interesting and will add excellent insight into the lives of each character.
In the game we play as a girl called Maisie who, for reasons currently unknown, cannot talk, she gets over this by using a notepad and pen to communicate. This adds further mystery to the character herself, leaving you wanting to know more. All we know so far is that she is trying to find an "important person". It is also stated in the about section on the website that she is "not very interested in all this gaming stuff". This provides a little amount of detail into what she is like.
There are moments that provoke thoughts such as, "who is Maisie ?", "why is she here?" and "what are the motives behind characters in the game ?" This helps create immersion within the game world. I hope that these questions are answered in the full release/ future demos. The gameplay is great and the controls are easy to understand, accessing your inventory and saving the game is no hassle at all! The pixel world of Arcadea is amazing and each location so far is unique in its own way. I found the prism forest to be one of the most interesting locations in the demo, especially with the gameplay mechanics used while in there.

In summary, I've really enjoyed the game so far and cannot wait for further development, I highly suggest playing it!
To Aishin and Kieran - if you are reading this, please keep up the great work, I love your game and the beautiful music in it!
sources used: http://arcadea-rpg.tumblr.com/about


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Thank you so much for the lovely review~ I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far!

Wow, you picked up on the hints of the deeper mystery! Maisie's (and Jas's) backstory is the crux of the main plot, and will hopefully answer all of your questions in a satisfying way~
I will definitely let Kieran know that you enjoyed his compositions! Thanks again! I will continue to work hard on the game and give updates when I can!
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