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This slight patch adds and fixes the following

-Monster manual glitch, it adds a Eraser Item that resets the monster manual. You can now use this continue with Newer Builds. You must use the item before going into a battle If the monster is new or a name was changed. Use it for new demo builds only!

This is added to your party upon entering the overworld. (check key items)
There will be books scattered in the Demo that permanently adds monsters to the book so the reset will only reset how many you have beat once you read them.

The book that adds all monsters in the demo is found in the Bazaar. Check the bookshelves.

-Quickwiz can now slow you down also. Using a warpwing or casting return won't reset the effect anymore.

I'll be working on more bugs provided to me by Firefly84.

Update : The Escape rate has been tweaked. Each failed attempt will add 20% success on the next escape attempt during the battle.

The Duel Battles (Tangtl Castle) and Wildslime battles should not freeze up anymore.

Previous saves (1.3 and up) can now be used, You need to use the Erase Item once you leave the castle/town.

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