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  • Fairie Krystal is an endless side-scrolling game. With a minimalist art style and calming music, the game aims to create a not-too-intense and not-too-simple gameplay.

  • This game is a 1-Month school project by a group of two students. The requirement of the project was to create any type of game and ensure that it is working.

  • Fairie Krystal has no storyline and the objective of this game is to collect Crystals while trying to survive for as long as you can.

  • Collect colored Crystals by matching them with the character’s color

  • Collect coins for extra points and switching scenery.

  • Avoid Obstacles such as Rocks and Logs at all cost.

  • Survive for as long as you can.

  • Try to beat your own highscore every time you play the game.

  • This game uses ONLY the Keyboard. There is NO mouse system implemented.

  • Navigate with ARROWS.

  • Decision/Cancel actions are Spacebar/Enter and Esc respectively.

  • Switch between planes with UP/DOWN arrows.

  • Switch character color with Q, W, E and R which are Red, Blue, Orange, and Purple respectively.

RPG Maker VX Ace (by Enterbrain)

Esmer Joh (Veoharu)
Donny Froze

Esmer Joh (Veoharu)
Donny Froze

Guest Scripter/Coder
Raizen (for Full Keyboard Module)

RM Community
Aaron Krogh
Bobby Richeson
Kairi Blodeuyn Sawler

Special Thanks to...
Our friends for testing out our game <3​

  • As mentioned above, this is a 1-Month school project.

  • We do not aim to improve this game any further. But we do plan on making a similar one with better graphics and more features in the future.

  • I hope you enjoy our simple game. (っ´∀`ς )

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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 04/13/2017 08:09 AM
  • 04/30/2017 11:20 PM
  • 04/13/2017
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This was pretty fun! You did a great job on making the movement really smooth and the game itself was pretty challenging, but neato!

I'm shocked this doesn't have more comments, actually, as it's a really great little game. Congrats!
Guardian Ghost of the Description Thread
The image links in the description appear broken. I poked my head into your RMW page for reference, so, the following links should be correct.






Creator's Note
Cool, fun little game. Thanks for sharing this!
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