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So this isn't really a game game, more or less a compilation of levels I made. But there is a main goal to defeat LoneStarLuigi, and take his castle from him.

Over 10 main levels, each with 1 star. Each level has been play tested with quality over quantity in mind.

Inside each level you will find
1. 5 RMN Coins that grant an extra life when you collect all 5

2. Plenty of secret power ups and coin stashes.

3. Some levels have bosses that may or may not be hidden.

4. Levels will not be too long or too short, there going to be a decent length.

Things you won't find in each level
1. No bugs or glitches (if you find any that I may have missed be sure to tell me asap)

2. No red coin hunts (because there tedious and boring)

Tons of bonus levels, including my levels from Super RMN World, RMN Bros 3, Super Mario Super Contest. As well as cut/scraped level ideas that never made it into those games.

Play as Mario, or Luigi!

Extra levels will be added in the future.

*NOTE* This game does support 2 player co-op, but each level has been play-tested with 1 player only! IF you decide to play with a friend, be warned you may have a hard time.

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Well I still don't have a new computer... Dammit why are they so expensive. But I do have an alternative to hold on to for a little bit. So back to production!
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