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Well, this contain LOTS of spoilers. So, don't read if you haven't completed it yet.
And... lots of text warning.

So, actual story behind this short game. Argh, my thoughts are scattered.

It's not even a game in the first place, but the story PyuPyu had wrote makes me want to turn it into a game. lol

So, there is this 'girl'... No, I'll explain from the start.

There is a boy with, uh, no name. We decided to not name him. So, this boy's parents were not happy to have a male child. So they raised him as a girl, made him wear pretty clothes, and gave him pretty clothes with a big ribbon like a pretty girl.

He also had another hobby, and that is reading and writing various stories. From fairytales to teen romance, and he was really talented from he was a child. He know many stories from many places in the earth and his parents was happy with his 'usefulness' (writing books means $).

Well, he wasn't bothered by all of it because the boy always loved his parents and wanted them to be happy. So he 'play along' for XX years (all up to you how many years, as long as he's still a 'girl') happily.

One day, the disaster began... As a girl with pretty appearance outside and real boy inside, his friends never know about that. Then he fell in love with a girl which is his very friend that never know about his trus identity.

When he finally confessed, the girl rejected him harshly. Just before he was about to tell his secret, the girl said 'disgusting' to him. And that makes the boy (yeah, our main character) pushed his friend to a passing train.

Of course, he was arrested and his parents was called. They began to hate their child and despise him. The boy, slowly becoming crazy because of what just happened and everyone's attitude changed so drastically (especially his friends and adults around him) upon knowing that he is a male.

He began to change unconciously, having difficulty to see difference between reality and imagination. What's more, he will always dream of those old stories he loved to read and make when he was a child, and had another kinda-split-personality that who talks to him in his mind from time to time. His parents thought that he is dangerous, and they locked him in a room with no intention of treating him like a family again.

After years had passed, his body 'wasn't so small and weak anymore' (imagine it yourself, uh), he got out from his 'room' and he managed to kill his parents somehow in the same way like before (pushing them onto passing train).

After all that, he returned to his 'room' again and dressed like a girl, just like before. And then, the game begins.

Something to match with the game:
- His story is similiar the Tower Girl story (both false and true version), because he was locked away from the reality (that he was a boy).
- The girl in the story pushed her friend to a cliff, while he pushed her friend to a running train.
- The dreams he dreamt were combinations of many old fairytales (rapunzel, peter pan, etc) he read when he was a child.
- There are voices who told him the stories and also rejected him of being unworthy to be a vessel. This was his other personality in his mind, talking to himself when he dream. The last thing said was in the last dream about vessel thing, that actually means 'You are not worth to live/love again'.
- Peter pan! Yeah he was a boy, he said so himself. And he thought that all of those stories never end happily, thus making him think pessimistic.
- He said he will 'scatter', while that actually meant it. His body parts will. Ugh.
- There are more, but it's tiring to write them one by one. lol

Sooo maybe that wraps up everything that is VERY ambigous. Uh, this game isn't very good in the beginning, but, uh. Nvm.