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Rebirth: Looking at a possible future revival?

  • Frogge
  • 11/10/2018 04:51 PM
So, I have some good and bad news for everyone who's been looking forward to the The Divination Coven.

Starting off with the bad news, the game is officially cancelled. The good news is that it actually isn't.

While I've been away from the game, I noticed that my vision for it became too much for what I was trying to pull off, with buggy as scripts that I could only get working with weird substitutes that would be a huge pain with a larger game which is eventually what I wanted this game to be and a plethora of bugs that scared me off. But most importantly, a story that was just too short for what it was trying to get across.

So, I got to work with the story. I started rewriting it to be better, and eventually I realized that in order to pull it off, I would have to scrap almost everything I had made. I needed to extend the map, which had already been finished, by a significantly larger amount which would make getting the scrolling script to work again literally fuck me over in the ass. So, I just had to remake the map, what was the big deal?

Well, there was more.

With how absolutely tiny the game window was, I could barely fit 20 words into one message box. Now I have this little OCD thing where I absolutely refuse to seperate one sentence into multiple text boxes, so if a sentence is too long to fit, I have to try to make it just the perfect length by cutting out a few words or sometimes even making shorter seperate sentences. And for the dialogue that I was trying to pull off, that also became too much.

My solution could be to resize the game window.

But again, that would make the scrolling script completely fuck me over in the ass again.

So why didn't I just remove the scrolling script? Well, almost everything in the game was designed with it in mind and removing it would create just as much of significant fixes I would have to make as if I didn't remove it.

In the end, I decided that for The Divination Coven's sake, the best decision would be to just move over to a fresh project and remake everything.

So I left it sitting while I began to work on the writing, and I just figured I should let you all know my plans for the project.

Some sprite mockups for the remake.

There are a few things I wanna do with the game in the future. In particular;

1. Once the remake is done, I want to look into turning it into a series, Silent Hill style with each game being standalone but having the basic premise. As of now, I just have a few title ideas. The first game is simply The Divination Coven. For the follow ups, I'm looking some ideas about orphans, rituals, grimoires, necromancy, et cetera. Just demonic things in general. (yes the implication here is that orphans are demonic lmao)

2. While The Divination Coven was originally meant to be a 10 minute long game, and then meant to become a 40 minute long game, the remake is meant to, hopefully, be a lot more fleshed out. I'm looking at a minimum hour and a half, preferably around 2-4 hours, maybe even more.

3. While the game originally had very little gameplay, I'm looking to move a little more towards something Silent Hill and add in more puzzles and hopefully even combat.

4. I'd like the remake to be free, but have a steam release to go along just for those who wish to support me. Just like Skinwalker Wolf, I'm looking at a price of $1 once the game releases, maybe just a little more if the project ends up being better than I expected. I expect the sequels to be the same, maybe with the exception of a longer/bigger sequel in the future going up to somewhere around $5.

So with that out of the way, I just want to take the time to thank everyone who's been following up with development and giving me support. I really hope I'll have a way better remake to give you sometime in the future. Something that wasn't made with being ''just a shitty little game'' in mind, something you all will really enjoy.

In the mean time, hail Satan!


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You're magical to me.
Exciting to hear that despite the cancellation, we're getting a remake! :DDDDD Huzzah!
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