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Fun Game

I got the opportunity to binge play this game. It was very entertaining and fun.

The graphics were nicely done and the story was fairly well paced. The music was on point. Some of the rock sections were very enjoyable and I loved the slower but eerie pieces as well. The creepy tones in all atmospheric parts were much appreciated.

There were some things I didn't understand storywise, that were vaguely explained later, but not to a degree where I fully understand. I won't mention names, but our protagonist and her school rival were rather rushed into conflict and it didn't make sense to me. As well the insane story clipping with another boss fight from where they were staying back to the story setting seemed too quick. It didn't quite fit in as well.

There is also a distinct lack of interaction with your environment. There wasn't much bg text. For example as a concerned student for your fellow classmates, wouldn't it be nice to ask them if they're alright or give them encouragement? I know that with this ending it wouldn't have made much sense, but it would have been an extra touch.

However, the translation was poorly done I feel. There were several parts where I couldn't understand what was being said as it was left untranslated, which makes me feel bad because I want to understand the story better. There were battle actions that I could not understand as well because the translation wasn't there. There were also a lot of typos.

As well I found some bugs involving map layout, and one battle, where one of your npcs cannot attack much, if at all. And there were many options on the menus that weren't given in the game, such as additional weapons and armors.

Overall it was an enjoyable game, it just could use some tweaks here and there.


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I'm the guy who made the italian-english translation,
I would like to know what did you find wrong with the translation so I can make fixes for some future updates. As you can (hopefully :P) tell by this and other posts I made in the board I think I can say - without sounding arrogant - i'm pretty fluent in english, so... it's kind of wierd that my work is billed as "poor" just like that with no further explanation :P

Don't ger me wrong, I'm not saying I cannot make mistakes obviously, in fact as english is not my native language I'm fully open to the fact that my work will never be perfect, but I expect it to be... well, "average" at least. I like to think I'm at least one step above the google-like transalted crap that 90% of italian makers use... plus, to be completely fair I didn't have the game to test either, I was given a text file with the italian text and some previous attempt to a translation which I was asked to fix, I didn't see any of the scenes so I really didn't know what was going on.

So, yeah, if you like, and if you have time to spare, can you tell me what's wrong with the translation in your opinion so I can use it for future references?

Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoied the game overall :)

Hi :D

Thank you very much for the review!! :D
Send us an email so I and Ghost Rider we can improve version of the game :)

Email: montironigames@gmail.com

I understand how hard it is to learn a second language and that you are not a native English speaker. You did very well with the translations I did see, and I really appreciate your hard work. It's just that there were some parts that were missing translations and at points it really took away from the story. I apologize for not giving examples, I have sent an email with some of the errors I found.

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