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This is actually a repost. Suiren was originally planned to be an only game, but now that we decided to split it in 3 different chapters we decided to delete the old page of the game to create a new one where it's more clear that this is just one part of the whole project.

Plot of the series

Frederika, Isamu, Megumi and Tomoko are childhood friends. On the day of Isamu’s birthday, they suddenly fall asleep one after another and wake up in a strange room full with ripped teddy bears soaked in blood. Here appears Suiren, a child-like demon that announces to the four that they’re now trapped in the dream realm, without possibility to leave.
The group won’t give up and after Suiren moves away they’ll start to search for a method to flee from the dream realm, but it won’t be easy to escape from the announced Suiren’s “bloody game”… and from their forgotten memories.

In Suiren: Part 1, you'll discover how it all began and will help one of the protagonists, Isamu, to flee from "the garden".

Like the last time, I’m really sorry for my crappy english, it’s not my language so I hope that you all could understand >.< Fortunally the game this time have a proofreader.

About Suiren:

This will be a classic horror game, so there will be the presence of gore, puzzle and some jumpscares.

The estimated length of Part 1 is 2-3 hours for archieve a 100% completion.

Features (Suiren: Part 1)

- Original Sprites and chats (even part of the tilesets);
- Image gallery with unlockable CGs;
- 3 different endings;
- Multiple protagonists.

I hope you'll enjoy the game!

Latest Blog

Comments welcome!

I've uploaded again Suiren, because I noticed that the last page (that was created with the idea of a single game in mind) created a bit of confusion, now is finally notable without misunderstanding that Suiren is a project divided in chapters, so enjoy the first one!

Please, spare a moment of your time for rewiew or comment the game, every thoughts good or bad is very important for the future of Suiren =)
Why good or bad? Well, you know, indifference is way crueler that a critic, so go on without problem, I'll wait you!
  • Completed
  • 1 of 3 episodes complete
  • Kya90
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 04/19/2017 04:00 AM
  • 06/29/2022 03:53 PM
  • 03/10/2017
  • 19713
  • 17
  • 321


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Huh, that's interesting. Hey, Kya90, have you checked your messages yet (your mailbox on this site)? I would like to discuss with you about Towaware no Shoujo. I hope to see your reply soon.
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