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TOQ - Version 0.5.0

Hi. The version 0.5.0 is on.
+Cutscene Skip
+New songs

Progress Report

The Orbs Quest version 0.4.0

Hi. The version 0.4.0 is on.
+I try enhance the game's FPS
+enhance the events' behavior


The Orbs Quest version 0.3.0

Hi. Thanks for all people that played The Orbs Quest.
This version (0.3.0) change:
+ now the Kick Cube don't stop the heroine walk.
+ Some edits in the intro
+ Some monster's behavior


The Orbs Quest - Update 1

+ Timeout image.
+ Sound indicating the time is running out.
+ Kick animation.
+ A way to undo the Kick Cube (by press Enter).
+ Others small updates.


The Orbs Quest - Complete

Hello guys.

I am happy to announce the release of the full version of The Orbs Quest.
I hope you enjoy it.



Hello everyone.
I'm releasing a demo for download.
Avaliable the Area 1.
You will need the RTP.

I hope you enjoy it.
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