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Welcome to the space train - a giant travelling station created for those who lost their home planet. A space-roaming sanctuary where every species can find their place to stay. And that includes you - a humble gray creature who spent their whole relatively short life sorting the garbage in some dark corner of the third carriage. Join them on an unexpected adventure through the space train and meet its many inhabitants as you're trying to figure out what to do with that one weird blue egg.

-A world to explore - though the adventure itself is linear, there is always something more to do with the enviroment
-Many diverse characters - creatures from all over the universe, all meeting together at one station
-Puzzles! - can't take a step without having to think your way out of the situation
-All-original graphics - no RPGMaker assets involved!
-Rich soundtrack - this demo already has 8 tracks for its small size

Before playing, please install the STmain font in the main folder. You can also find a walkthrough there.

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