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Dog Adventure Soundtrack Playlist

Howdy chums,

I've uploaded all of the original songs from Dog Adventure to a YouTube playlist out of narcissism. I mean uhh, for your listening pleasure.

Link to Playlist

Anywho, enjoy!



5-30-17 Update

Ahoy hoy,

Just uploaded a new version to fix the crash bug pointed out by zDS in his review of the game. Thanks for reporting that. The game was having an issue changing the tint of the screen from an indoor to outdoor zone, which has now been fixed.

Other than that, no other changes.

Thanks for checking out Dog Adventure!



5-7-17 Update

Howdy pals,

Just a minor update today, which will likely be the last update to the game unless someone discovers a major game-breaking bug I missed.

I noticed two abilities (Diamond Dog's Prismatic Flash and Gel Dogger's Metastatic Seepage) were still using default placeholder animations. They now have new, unique animations.

One bug fix as well- the ultimate head item for Gel Dogger was being classified as a shield, allowing the player to equip two hats at the same time. Asinine! This has been corrected.

In addition, I've uploaded a separate zipped version of the game that includes a (pruned) version of the RTP for those who don't have the VX Ace RTP and don't want to download it. The "main download" for the game is still the non-RTP version, as I'm imagining many RMN users have the VX Ace RTP.

That's all. Thanks everyone!

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