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Happy birthday, Nessy Syrn!!

While Syrn goes out for the day, Ralph has decided to take care of dinner! How thoughtful!

But wait! Today isn't just any day! It's Syrn's BIRTHDAY! Ralph has just an hour left between making dinner and Syrn getting back home, so what is there to do? Why, bake a surprise cake, of course!

Help Ralph out by choosing what kind of cake to make for Syrn!

- Pick which flavour sponge to use for each layer of the THREE LAYER CAKE (wowzer, I wish it was my birthday).
- Choose what goes between the layers! Cream? Different flavours of jam?
- Decorate the top of the cake by carefully placing whipped cream, cherries, strawberries, chocolate and candles!

If Syrn really likes what you make, you might even be in for a surprise..

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Caz you know me too well <3
Is it any wonder Syrn will take his clothes off for as much chocolate and cherries as you can possibly give him..?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NESSYYYYY!! I HOPE YOU HAD A NICE DAY and I hope you finally got to relax for a change! :D <3
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