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A Bit of a Little Dinghy is a game about a group of ragtag misfits by the name of Steve, Steve, and Not Steve (her name is Steph), whose town ran out of money, and they decide to go and seek help from the King of Rudrah. However, the King seems to be out, and the Princess decides to use your help instead upon learning that your very special crew has a ship! With the help of Steve the Boat, fulfill quests for her as you learn about a world ravaged by pirates and at the brink of war, all in a unique 1-bit aesthetic.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This game was originally made for Ludum Dare 38's theme of 'A Small World' over a period of 3 days. Those 3 days were exceptionally grueling, but the game is done, and somewhat polished. I hope you enjoy, and thank you for playing.

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Steam Greenlight Live and Current State

Hey all, MMG here. I made ABLD for Ludum Dare 38, and after having positive reception and useful feedback outside of RMN, I decided to upload it both here and on Steam Greenlight!

Note that if this game gets on Steam, I will continue with this project, cleaning up a lot of what I feel are the weak points, namely some of the maps (cough cough Mongo Castle cough cough Monoikos) and lost/unused features that I had no time on. I'm not promising that everything from this version is coming back, as the game will need to sustain a rewrite, but it's going to be bigger than the plot that I churned out in 5 hours.

How successful is it on Steam Greenlight? Well, so far I'm 3% of the way to the top 100... after 2 days of being on it, with a 25% positive ratio (which allegedly isn't bad for RPG Maker games). That's fun.

Anyway, thank you for all of your support, and trust me when I say that yes, I do read every comment everyone makes, whether it be here or on Steam Greenlight. Additionally, you can always find me in the RMN Discord under the name of FUTURE10S (as well as on Steam).
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  • 04/26/2017 07:37 PM
  • 05/10/2021 12:35 AM
  • 04/24/2016
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I really like what you did with the RTP here. Did you edit everything pixel by pixel or did you use some kind of Photoshop setting?
I really like what you did with the RTP here. Did you edit everything pixel by pixel or did you use some kind of Photoshop setting?

A bit of both, actually. I modified colour curves before sending it to be indexed via Photoshop's indexing setting, and then I cleaned it up a bit after some more with just a pixel pencil. However, the boats were cut up for transparency, as they come from public domain sources, then indexed, then cleaned up basically properly, although I wasn't able to do it for every single one, and in hindsight, I might have been better off removing the waves from each image.
Were you inspired by Luke Popes new game?
Were you inspired by Luke Popes new game?

Nope, I wanted to be a part of the 1 bit clicker jam, but I found out too late about it. I also wanted a unique gameplay experience, which manifested as vehicles fighting each other. Since this version was made in 3 days and I used a lot of default RM assets, I decided ships were the best option.

Also Stevebeard is a real term. Huh.
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