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OTS Download Removed

There were huge problems in the OTS Download, so I've removed it for now.

OTS will be bundled in my upcoming commercial version of my game, Deprimerie, so stay on the lookout for that.


Version 1.38 released!

Aside from major overhauls, this version:
-Changes the engine to RPG Maker 2000.
-Completely overhauls the stat system with lower values.
-Minor graphical upgrades.



yo this game is not dead, suprisingly, but it wont be released until sometime in 2018, this time in RPG Maker XP.

i've got two main projects right now, and you can view those on my main account, Starspire (or starspire37)

Progress Report

How's progress going?

Pretty good! I've been working on some other projects lately but the other two dudes,
Shinykitten and Soul, have been working really well. I (Starspire) am working on a full soundtrack.

Also, the demo on itch.io is BROKEN. PLEASE don't download that.
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