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After The Devastation of 2028, the world's population was forced into massive buildings owned by a company named the Bubble Corporation. These buildings have everything you could need: restaurants, casinos, shops, comfy living spaces, and entertainment venues.

Fast forward 75 years later in 2103. You play as Lilly, a 21 year old woman who's job is to clean the living spaces. Her life is set in routine; she socializes, keeps up with television, and does her job. Yet, her routine life is set off course when she learns what's really outside of the bubble she lives in.

Controls: Arrows to move, Space or Z to confirm, X to cancel or access menu.
This is a project for a class to the game is pretty short. Less than a half hour.

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  • 04/28/2017 04:18 AM
  • 09/18/2023 04:18 PM
  • 05/08/2017
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Sounds like a fun premise! The main character reminds me of the main heroine from Rosario to Vampire. :o
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I've tried downloading this game three times. There's no game file. I cannot play it.

Never mind! Libby pointed out that the default download is a Mac download.
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