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Five years after divorcing her husband, a mother returns to her hometown, where she once fell in love, to tend to her now sick ex-husband. The years that have passed during her absence were not good for the isolated New England settlement. It seems no one there can be trusted.

Using her motherly instincts and her wits, Lycia must appease and protect her sick and paranoid ex-husband, reconnect with her past and figure out what is going on in this place that once felt familiar.

This game was developed for the McBacon Jam 4.

Team Members
CashmereCat - Puzzle Design, Mapping & Scripting
esby - Mapping, Scripting & Story
superstroke - Battles, Music, Scripting & SFX
zDS - Battles, Graphics, Mapping, Music & Story

Amort OST
Album: On Soundcloud or Download.
Or just here:

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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Looks great, guys!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I knew the graphics looked familiar, they totally have a Three Ghostly Roses vibe to them.

This looks neat as heck <3
It looks simple, but the drama seems to be quite complicated. This can't turn out bad.

Also: amort>troma>trauma
You're magical to me.
Wow, looking amazing! :D Subbed! ^_^
I knew the graphics looked familiar, they totally have a Three Ghostly Roses vibe to them.

This looks neat as heck <3

I totally didn't copy the trees from that. :moleman:
extreme disappointment
you don't need your identity here
join us
I can see the people in this, and it is good.
Oh it is good.


If you downloaded before this message your version is not broken, it still is possible to finish the game, but it has some bugs that make the game less enjoyable.

Given the fact this is a short game I recommend redownloading.
Can't write reviews for the life of me, but I played through and this was one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES in terms of short, sweet, and sadly short games. Thanks for the experience!

ALRIGHT! I added a new download. Due to sharing project with so many people, some dialogue was eaten. We had made that stuff before the deadline, so in my eyes it still counts. So if you had downloaded, please do so again. Much more impactful this way! If there are any issues, please do tell.

As of just now, I AGAIN fixed the download. Making RPG Maker projects with a team is a dog eat dog world... As in we accidentally eat each other's progress all the time. I think I finally salvaged of what we all had. My recent one had a stupid show screen error but it's now fixed. So if you downloaded this short game, please do redownload!

@ZDZ Agh, you're so right though! While making Mechanima there was a piece of dialogue piano had to fix a million times because it just kept coming back. ;w;

I played this by the way. It was cool! I liked how much of the "battles" took place outside of the actual battle screen. The small puzzles you solved before the fight were basically a battle of wits that directly affected how the fight went which was a neat idea~ The story was creepy initially although after awhile I stopped feeling creeped out and moved toward "slightly on edge".

I never ran into much trouble with the battles until I got to the guard portiom, but I was able to get through it so it felt fair enough! The story felt a bit rushed around the mayor, but I feel like that may have been where some dialogue was eaten?
To the anonymous poster above me:

Yea the guard portion is tricky, one was too easy and two were too hard and we had like 2 hours left (or so we thought) to submit the game so we just scaled as we could.

I will also add that although this is a product made out of love, the entire thing was definitely rushed. Two weeks ago we had nothing done (maybe like vague ideas, 2-3 songs and some colored graphics that weren't in the final product), so yes sorry some parts felt rushed, most of the game was made during April 27-30.

Glad you still enjoyed, and let's hope other people will too.
To the anonymous poster above Superstroke:

We had wanted to add an additional scene with the Mayor, yet the Blind Man fight was literally made in the last minutes before the deadline (or so we thought). So we had literally no time haha. I didn't even test the end until after the game was submitted. Which is probably why the Blind Man map felt a bit too obscure, I didn't have a chance to test!

I'm guessing the story felt creepy at first was due to the fact we actually spent time writing the beginning stuff. Minus the maps and music, every thing from the Lighthouse and beyond was made in the last 10 hours of development. ):

The eaten dialogue was after Church and the dialogue during the Blind Man fight. All of it is back in now however so all is good.

Super glad you enjoyed it. The whole game was a mad rush, purely ideas and no time to reflect upon them. So it's very satisfying to see people enjoy it!
I really enjoyed this game. The overall atmosphere really communicated the emotions to the player. The "Perception" thingie is awesome!

Going to try this one out as soon as I get back home.

Can't wait!
Loved the game, it felt quite short but I guess all good things come to an end.
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
I wonder who? I'm gonna complete the full remix album someday. In all hope.
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