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Based on the records of the Gospels. The Plot to Kill the King is centered around the crucifixion, the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ.

A recent immigrant to Judaea is invited by the Sanhedrin to spy on a prophet who has been attracting a lot of attention lately, better known as Jesus. What begins as couple of missions to just observe what he and his followers are up to, soon becomes a trial, where despite the local governor's efforts, turns in to an execution.

Having been inspired from the Elderscrolls series of games, there are other activities available. These include

Two Side Quests: The Judaean Armed Forces, and the Judaean Postal Service
Cooking: Ingredients can be bought in most towns with a communal cooking fire in each town.
Thievery: Most crates, urns, etc can be stolen from.
Justice System: Get bounties on your head, and accumulate sins. Redemption is based on the traditions of the burnt sacrifices.
Acting: There's a theatre in Caesarea with two short plays. Get paid in Shekels for how well you do.
Fishing: There are fishing spots in the towns on the coasts of the sea of Galilee and the Mare Nostrum (The Mediterranean).
Mining: Sell the ore you dig up.

Potential Warning: Suitable for ages seven and above. Due to some scenes showing some mild gore (see the screenshots)


To run this game (as with most games on this website), the RTP (Run Time Package) needs to be installed on your computer. This is downloaded from http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages

Click on RPG MAKER VX ACE under the heading, "Start by selecting your program".

Then immediately underneath this, fill in the fields for a name and email address.

Then click "download now"

Information on how to install the file can be found immediately underneath this.

HOW TO RUN IN FULL SCREEN - When running the game, press Alt + Enter to switch between full screen and a window.


The XXXXXXXXXXX is just a placeholder I was using when typing the dialogue in the game.

When entering your name, use the "esc" key to clear these X's and type your own name in its place.

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I've just put up a very minor patch.

The Roman merchant who you meet in Ashkelon will only sell items. He'll no longer buy them.

Sorry that I didn't put this under "Blog". I've only just realised.
Hey. I've just thought that some people might not be making progress through the game as it is quite easy to get killed if you don't have the money for armour, weapons, or healing items. Click on "Show" and I've included a tip which will make your progress easier.

Go outside the walls in Caesarea and talk to the man by the sea. (He's west of the theatre) and buy a fishing rod. Fish until you have some "murex shells" and "sturgeon with roe" about five of each should do it. Now return to the market place and buy "wheat bread", "milk", "almonds" and "apricots" from the merchant who sells food. Now find the outdoor cooking fire in Caesarea and make "Trifle", this sells for a lot more than the cost of the ingredients to make it. Sell it to the merchant and repeat the process until you have as many shekels as you need to buy weapons, armour and healing items.

I hope this makes your progress through the game easier.
I've made a couple of tiny changes to the game. The new download has

- A fishing rod given to you in Caesarea (If you talk to the man who previously had you purchase one from him.
- Some dialogue in Capernaum hinted that a merchant had an item that he shouldn't be selling. He now has that item.
- A mini guide is now included to help those new to RPGs.
A new update has just been put up.

Text in the "additional information" section has been fixed. There aren't any words which are cut off.

Windows in key events have been edited so their appearance changes to suit the time of day, for events which happen at sunset and at night.
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