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Based on the records of the Gospels. The Plot to Kill the King is centered around the crucifixion, the resurrection and the ascension of Jesus Christ.

A recent immigrant to Judaea is invited by the Sanhedrin to spy on a prophet who has been attracting a lot of attention lately, better known as Jesus. What begins as couple of missions to just observe what he and his followers are up to, soon becomes a trial, where despite the local governor's efforts, turns in to an execution.

Having been inspired from the Elderscrolls series of games, there are other activities available. These include

Two Side Quests: The Judaean Armed Forces, and the Judaean Postal Service
Cooking: Ingredients can be bought in Jerusalem or randomly dropped by enemies. Meals give permanent and temporary benefits.
Mining: Dig up ore and gems in Arimathea, and then sell said ore and gems.
Crime and punishment: Steal from people's houses!... and then everyone in Judaea knows about it, as if they use social media or something.

Latest Blog

MZ Remake complete

Hi everyone

Just wanted to say that the MZ remake of The Plot to Kill the King is now available for download.

Cheers, MoonWolf V
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  • MoonWolfV
  • RPG Maker MZ
  • Action RPG
  • 04/29/2017 06:05 AM
  • 12/26/2023 07:51 PM
  • 12/02/2023
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I've just put up a very minor patch.

The Roman merchant who you meet in Ashkelon will only sell items. He'll no longer buy them.

Sorry that I didn't put this under "Blog". I've only just realised.
Hey. I've just thought that some people might not be making progress through the game as it is quite easy to get killed if you don't have the money for armour, weapons, or healing items. Click on "Show" and I've included a tip which will make your progress easier.

Go outside the walls in Caesarea and talk to the man by the sea. (He's west of the theatre) and buy a fishing rod. Fish until you have some "murex shells" and "sturgeon with roe" about five of each should do it. Now return to the market place and buy "wheat bread", "milk", "almonds" and "apricots" from the merchant who sells food. Now find the outdoor cooking fire in Caesarea and make "Trifle", this sells for a lot more than the cost of the ingredients to make it. Sell it to the merchant and repeat the process until you have as many shekels as you need to buy weapons, armour and healing items.

I hope this makes your progress through the game easier.
I've made a couple of tiny changes to the game. The new download has

- A fishing rod given to you in Caesarea (If you talk to the man who previously had you purchase one from him.
- Some dialogue in Capernaum hinted that a merchant had an item that he shouldn't be selling. He now has that item.
- A mini guide is now included to help those new to RPGs.
A new update has just been put up.

Text in the "additional information" section has been fixed. There aren't any words which are cut off.

Windows in key events have been edited so their appearance changes to suit the time of day, for events which happen at sunset and at night.
Just put up version 5, which will hopefully be the last update for this game. I hope this fixes all the problems in it.

This has fixed

  • If you go to Bethsaida before the miracle of the feeding of the 5000, there are no longer "invisible walls".

  • If you talk to Pilate after the trial but before the crucifixion scene, he will now have new dialogue.

  • The fishing boat graphic has been fixed up. It doesn't look so rough around the edges.

  • A few spelling errors and typos in the dialogue throughout the game.

Hey ummmm, either you are suppressed by an evil anti-Christian presence on RMN, or possibly you didn't pack your game right as it says something about unable to extract the game because things are incomplete. Always test your downloads by downloading yourself, and trying to install. .7z files are frequently crap anyway.

Also, this program takes much of the guesswork out of game packaging (I never use the RpgMaker default program to pack anymore).


Don't try to double-pack or anything snazzy, just pack the folder.
Just an update. There are now two file formats available under the downloads.
Made it to Jerusalem (mainly by running away alot). Okay, a few things.

While you definitely get points for realism, it's rather hard to make it through the game WITHOUT stealing, as items give garbage healing (the average enemy deals 30-50 damage, while the best healing item I've yet seen is the egg). Worse, resting heals fatigue not health which is not at all helpful.

For healing items, stick to % healing for health. Not only does this scale with level, but it adjusts to possible balance errors you've made. Also, as a general rule of thumb, healing should recover about 2-3 times what one hit deals. If it doesn't at the very least heal 1:1 there are balance issues. What you've got now is roughly 1/2 healing:1 damage with the best item (which still poisons you), and closer to 1 hp healing while as I say, enemies pound away at you with your lousy armor. The only two cost-effective items seem to be eggs and olives, short of cooking food.

Just in terms of balance, aside from making weak items 1%-5% health and other items give health and fatigue, inns should be closer to 5 shekels than 30 (supply and demand dictates that if money is hard to earn, you have to cut costs) EXCEPT within Caesara and Jerusalem (capitals and major cities can command high prices). And denarii (not shekels, usually) could buy more not less, because the currency was deflated.

Using the prices listed and assuming a 10 hour work day, one denarius was worth:

1/4 of a decent beer, or 1/2 of a Egyptian beer
1/2 an ounce of Pork Mincemeat
1/12th of an Italian pound of Venison
1/2 a bath

With a 10 hour day, laborers made:

2.5 denarii an hour for farm labor
5 denarii an hour for carpentry
2.5 denarii an hour for data entry (scribing)
1.5 denarii an hour for entry level teaching
(assuming 10 pupils and 10 hour workday

2 denarii for a bath (not 30), and about 10 to 50 for wages.

I did finally get a bow, mainly be the mail sidequest (Qumran -> Hannah). But aside from hunting leopards for skins, it's a little off.

Also, the bath codes are a little shaky. You get hit with the charge message when you're leaving sometimes, and I also got asked when the bath was supposed to be on the house (mail package delivery).

Also, I'm a bit confused what to do in Jerusalem to get the plot to start. It's a big city, and I can't find Saul.
Hi Bulma

There are merchants in most towns who sell medicine which heal more reasonable amounts. 100, 300, and 500 HP. There are also recipes which you can make from the ingredients you mentioned (Egg), these have much better effects than the individual ingredients.

If you're looking for extra, hassle-free, money, you get a fishing rod for free in Caesarea. There's a guy to the west of the theatre who has one.

If you investigate a cooking fire (there is one in each town), it will bring up a list of recipes through a choice menu, and then it lists the ingredients.

I've been thinking, having read your message that it might be a good idea to include a recipe book in one of the taverns, which lists the effects of each recipe. It wouldn't be obvious, and it won't count as stealing. The proprietor would offer to sell it to you.

I'll also look in to the bath houses, and see if I can fix them up a bit. If I can insert some extra inns with out making them look shoe-horned in to the towns, I'll put some in.

I'll put in a journal / map as well for each quest so the player knows where they're supposed to be heading.

The guy in Caesarea, where you insert your name, he tells you to find Saul, who can be found in the marketplace in Jerusalem. He's the waiting outside a stall. (On the first mission, the message to go to the Jordan River is to follow it north to the Sea of Galilee. I've put this in now, because I've answered another question where the player got lost along the way)
I've put up a new update. Again, hopefully this will be the last one.

This includes

An in-game guide to the game. Covers the following topics.

  • Making Money
The different ways to make money in the game. I advise reading this before leaving Caesarea, as this explains how to get the free fishing rod. Fishing now more profitable.
  • Healing
(I checked the baths, and as far as I can see, they should be working correctly. There is now a tell-tale flash and healing noise after you go in, just to make it clear you've been healed.
  • Clearing Sin Record
  • Weapons and Armour
  • Where am I? What am I supposed to do?
Introduces the new maps in the game, which are updated after each quest telling/showing you where to go next.
  • The Yellow Text
Explains the yellow text in the dialogue

As mentioned earlier. I've fixed up the baths (I could see where the one in Tiberias might be causing trouble). I've also put inns in towns where they wouldn't look awkward. In some other towns, there are now healers, who serve the same purpose.

Merchants are easier to identify what they sell. They now have the signs next to them, showing items (medicine), weapons and armour, knife and fork means food items.

There's a recipe book for purchase in Jerusalem. Go to the taverna and try to interact with it. You'll then be able to purchase it for 1000 shekels.

Ingredient prices have been changed around. This is to reflect the recipe effects. If a recipe has a powerful benefit, the required ingredients will be more expensive.

I've put in some maps in the game. These will be given at the start of any of the quests. They will be updated after each mission, and sometimes giving an additional clue if I thought people might get stuck.

You also get much more if you hand in a magic scroll to the priest at the Temple. I put in the help file that they are a very good way for making money, but I realised they weren't that great.

The wild animals are also more generous with the experience points they give. It's around half of their HP.

Hopefully this will be the last update. I think I've covered everything I can think of.

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