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Appreciate if you would consider voting for it on Steam Greenlight.

"There once was a murderer who escaped death row.

The murderer ran deep into an abandoned subway system
from local authorities. The cops searched through the
tunnels for weeks, but the murderer was never found.

Some say that psychopath is still out there to this day...

A spin-off follow-up to Close Your Eyes. In Close Your Eyes: Intermission, you find yourself in a strange lot of land that has become desolate and impossibly abstract... You have but one choice: To go deeper. You must put together where you are, why you're here, and what's to come by solving cryptic puzzles, surviving twisted traps, avoiding malicious entities, answering questionnaires, and maybe even working together with the community...

Featuring an original soundtrack, artwork, voice acting, and various tricks up its sleeve to create an unusual atmosphere and experience.

An experimental horror game that blends the lines between the original Close Your Eyes, a cursed ARG, a complicated multi-layered game full of secrets and deeper areas to explore, where a strange, touching, yet gruesome story unfolds. What lies at the heart of darkness?

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Wow the garphic looks cool \( ' v ' )/
Wow the garphic looks cool \( ' v ' )/

If you think they're cool here, wait until the stuff I'm not showing. The hard thing about selling this project is its whole point is mystery, and I want to show as little as possible; IE, all the boring stuff and keep everything that makes this title exciting a secret. It's stylized like an ARG with light Creepypasta tones so showing much more would spoil part of it.

But I do hope to surprise people with this. I'll just say there's a lot more to this project that I'm not showing and want people to discover themselves, which is the most I can say.
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