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Hello everybody!
I'm here today to announce the Crowdfunding Campaign for Lenin - The Lion on Catarse.me! You can access it on the following link: https://www.catarse.me/lenin_the_lion

Also, there's a new trailer with some new stuff reveled:

Please, consider support the game to help it be completed!
Pledges start at 6,50 USD! <3


DEMO available!

Hello everyone!
The demo is out!
It's gameplay has approximately one hour!
Your review is pretty important! If you play it, please, leave a feedback and a review as well!


Arrows - Move Lenin
Z/Enter - Confirm an action / next text
X/Esc - Open the menu (Lenin needs the backpack ir order to use it)
Mouse - Use to choose an option in the Title Screen and to read information inside the menu.
NOTE: The game is still in tests phase and this is an early development demonstration of the game. You may find bugs. It's recommend at least 2 GB of free ram in order to have a smoothly experience with Lenin - The Lion.

If you are experiencing any lag in-game:

- Go the website of your graphics card manufacture (NVIDIA, AMD, etc.) and download & install the latest driver for your graphics card. Make sure that the driver supports OpenGL.

Did you find a bug? The game crashed? Email lenintheliongame@gmail.com and tell me what's happening alongside with your PC specs.

Have fun!

Progress Report

Lenin - The Lion (Trailer) and Beta Testers!

It is with great joy that I bring today the first Official Trailer of Lenin - The Lion.
The game is expected to be finalized next year and the demo is scheduled for this month (now I'm working in everything for the beta).

I want to take advantage of this moment also to announce that we will need BETA TESTERS before the release of the demo. It is very important that beta testers keep in mind that it is necessary to look for possible errors in the game, from writing to development in general, taking note of this and recording the moment (with screenshots). Anyone that want to be a Beta Tester, please, send me a message on Tumblr or Facebook.

Enjoy the trailer and share with your friends, help Lenin - The Lion reach more audience :)


Make your own NPC in Lenin - The Lion!

First I’m bringing to you this little creation in pixel art of one of the characters of Lenin - The Lion. Well, it’s a vulture. But it’s a fancy vulture, you know that. haha. >.<

This character is from the Realm of Depression, but it’s not necessarily a Symptom (I’ll not reveal it yet - SO MUCH MYSTERY around this creature D: ).

But I’ll give you guys some tips about its location in the Realm of Depression:

  • The character is a bit lonely, and his house is very lonely as well.

  • He has a lot of money, but he sees no benefits in it.

  • Despite being envied by many, he is always seeing flaws in the things he has.

  • There is no fun in leaving home too.

So, do you know the place in the Realm of Depression where this little guy lives?

If you are the first to find out what the symptom’s place of the Realm of Depression where that little vulture lives, that is, what the symptom that the city / town / village it is, taking into account the advice I gave, you will earn the right to a NPC character in the game in a secret area! YEEES! That’s it. The only restriction is that the character is also an animal, meets the criteria of the region’s symptom where it will be (we’ll talk about it, no worries) and does not interfere with the main story of the game!

Those who want to participate should share the post of this event in Tumblr (just give like in the post doesn’t count), follow Lenin - The Lion (Tumblr) and send the answer by inbox (here or in Tumblr).

Each one is entitled to TWO replies per inbox, not more than that!
Keep in mind that you must respond “What symptom does the LOCAL where he lives represent?”

If anyone gets it right until next week, I’ll reveal the answer next Saturday.

I’m very excited about this “promotion” and I hope you do too.
So send your answers inbox!

See you guys!
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