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SSNRPG Update 4

Added Repel item to the first Item shop that will repel random encounters for 100 steps.


SSNRPG Update 3

1. Set encounter rate across the game to average 30 steps.
2. Increased Exp payout from enemies to offset change #1.
3. Removed SAVE being disabled in NE Cave.
4. Fixed Move event in NE Cave when you exit or fail the puzzle.
5. Lowered the HP on the first and second boss.
6. Increased the % the first boss uses its poison attack.


SSNRPG update 2

1. Reduced Encounter rate in Forest of Death
2. Created more enemy-free pathways in Forest of Death
3. Reduced External Inn in Konoha to 500 GP


SSNRPG update

New download has the following updates:
Sign by the entrance to "The Veldt" indicates the path is a no monster zone.
(I guess it wasn't obvious)
Reduced the encounter rate in The Veldt.
Fixed the glitch by the first main Boss where the character had to be facing up to interact with it.

Thanks to thesacredlobo for taking this punishment. :)
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