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Sacred Reviews: Something Something Ninja RPG


"Something Something Nina RPG" was developed by LazESigma using RPG Maker MV and marks his first game on this site. Sadly, this game comes jam packed with not only the problems that haunt a lot of first time projects, but also comes with all of the things that make fanfiction great and terrible at the same time.


On the story side of things, "Something Something Ninja RPG" is a relatively simple tale about collecting magical crystals in order to defeat a great evil. An evil that wishes to both take over the world as well as commit mass genocide in order to make way for morally superior robots. Of course, along the way the game is filled to the brim with references to old games, various anime, and real world locations. A combo that's not only odd, but makes this game's story come across as a fanfic which has not only jumped the shark, but then proceeded to jump over several conga lines worth of sharks that were on fire while randomly firing off shotguns into the air in celebration of International Talk like a Pirate Day becoming a recognized holiday around the globe.


On the gameplay side of things the game features your standard turn-based combat system with random encounters. As such, I don't have much to say about it that I haven't said before. Although this game does throw a bit of a wrinkle into the usual formula by allowing you to select about half of your party. As such, your overall play style might change a bit depending on who you drag along with you on your insane adventure.

About the only real negative I can throw at the game is that your probably going to have to power level in this game in order to defeat some of the late game bosses. This is because many of the bosses in the late game can readily throw around hard hitting group attacks that can readily drop your parties HP by 1/3rd if your not sufficiently leveled. Normally you'd be able to counter this with group healing, but this game rarely gives the player items that can be used in this fashion. And your main healer never learns any spells for doing this. Or if she does you need to be over level 49 in order to gain access to them, and at that point your at high enough level to defeat the final boss without access to any such spells if you've managed to hold onto any of the mega elixirs you've received during your run through the game.


On the graphical and sound side of things the game does alright for itself for the most part. The only real problem I can throw at this game graphically is that some of the characters really don't have facesets that match up with the character their meant to be referencing.


I'll admit that I usually don't devote time to covering this topic, but the mapping in "Something Something Ninja RPG" is so bad that it warrants discussion. In short the mapping in this game is highly nonsensical. This is usually a result of the game connecting maps in a ways that don't make a lick of sense. And this issue usually a by product of the fact that this game contains at least three different world maps and that some of those world maps are so small that they almost instantly roll over as you walk to the East or West.


I suppose, it's debatable whether this constitutes a bug or not, but this game frequently crashes do to missing files. A problem that's only exacerbated when you realize the game appears to refer to certain files multiple times, but is looking for a slightly different variations on the name. Sort of like the game might refer to a song with an apostrophe s at the end, while in other places the song just ends in an s without the apostrophe. In fact, the game actually looks for a file at one point that starts with copy in it's name. While in other places it looks for this image file without the word copy in front of it.


What really holds this game back in my opinion is the sheer amount of missing/mislabeled files you'll stumble into while playing this game. So much so, that it really cripples any attempt to enjoy it for what is. And what this game is meant to be is an absolutely insane crack fic that combines Naruto, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, and many others into an old school RPG plot about saving the world. Though, I'm not exactly sure where the party healer being a stripper fits into this madness. Though maybe it's meant to be a joke about what a perv Kakashi is for reading Icha Icha in public. Nor do I get how she can give herself a strip tease in order to regenerate her own HP. Though, I suppose she could be watching herself in a full body mirror. Though, I'm not exactly sure how you'd fit one of those in a bag of holding.