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Progress Report

A learning dummy and a friendly community

Let's see....it's been more than 1 year since the release of Cate Quest. A silly dumb game made for a friend, and first, most embarrassing game released to public.

What's worst is that I never included Firefly84 as a tester until now. Talk about being a beginner in rpgmaker.net
Anyway, one of my game, A Night near the Woods, reminded me about this game. (The talk about Shibo making Cate a hero in a game instead of being the bad guys.)

I think it's also a great opportunity to thank the friendly community of RPGmaker.net for allowing this abomination game to be released in public. Thank you guys, it really means a lot to me. Thanks.

Maybe, just maybe. I should one day come back and improve this game (And it's horrible grammars) Or perhaps, maybe, make a Cate Quest 2? It's not popular or great, but I sure as heck enjoyed making it, as long I have fun making fun stuff, I'm sure the players will have fun as well? We'll see, only time will tell.

Edit: To those that are wondering, yes, there is a Doge Saga, made by Stormcrow and me :D And there once was a small doggo made for his school project that was never released to the public...Doge Quest.
Also now that I look back, How. In the. Heck was this approved with those images. Thank you so much, kind friendly community of RPGmaker.net T.T

(Added 3 more images)


Changelog 1.3

Well, bug fix again, haha.

Don't wear a huge hat if you don't have a big head, they said.
The reason I wore such a big hat? Well, I wanted to try, everything has its first time, no? (I did small project in the past, and wanted to try something huge)

But either way, it really was a good experience. I really appreciate firefly84 and some other friends(They didnt register RPGMaker, don't know why.) that message me about the bugs and problems. And learning to game design more on the player's perspective view.

Thanks for all the help and support guys!

Progress Report

Changelog 1.2

Credit to firefly84

- Forgot to turn on the self switch for the Behemoth, resulting in spam rewards from boss. Silly me =p

- Toned down the difficulty/speed of Threathrythm by 2. (I really appreciate this, I need to understand more on how to tone difficulty for that gameplay style.)

- Fixed Dilara book quest. (Should not affect old ver)

- Added a cancel for class change. Because I find it annoying to not fix this as well.

-Added text message reward for certain friend request.

-Added a postsign in urban town to tell where the office is.(I struggled so long to wonder how to tell player where is it :C )

-Added glitter sprites for molten rocks, since some doesn't give molten rock by default, resulting in confusions.

-Added a town crystal for abandoned school.(Since some accidental enter requires you to climb to the boss room again in order to exit.)

-Fixed Master Cate issue.

-Fixed an issue in Hark Bluedin where you can reach the platform of Ieodeh, but not exit from it.

-Fixed an error that prevented players from visiting Blue harkdin after recruited Ieodeh.

-Relocated the office to the huge mansion.(Old version can find the office in a small house with an air ventilation on it.)

-Fixed problems after finishing the threatrythm quest that made players cannot proceed due to transportation and party member error.

-Added exp text after winning threatrythm.

-Fixed an error that Wilan's request clash with Ieodeh's request, forcing player to complete wilan's request before able to complete Ieodeh's request.

-Fixed a stuck issue when trying to complete rat's request on Hark Bluedin(forgotten castle).

-Added "reward" text for time temple , story of truths.

-Redesigned the tips for last, final boss.

-Added "special turn effects" info in the books for boss in sky temple.

-Added Firefly84 to credits, thank you, wonderful bug reporter.

Again, I'm sorry to those who downloaded and facing problems to my game.
For those that wish to continue their progress, please move your save folder and paste it into the new version of the game downloaded.

Edit: New ver is now up. Do notify me if there's still bugs running around.


I'm sorry TT bug fix.

Some of the players have message me that there is a game crashing bug inside the
game during one of the optional cutscene.
I'm really sorry on how I missed it out and didn't fix it before release.

There also appears to be a targeting problem which was made by the cursor, so moving away your cursor should fix it.

I will re-upload as soon as possible after fixing it.
For those that wish to continue their progress, please move your save folder and paste it into the new version of the game downloaded.

Again, I am terribly sorry and thank you for trusting me and downloading it.

Edit: forgive me if I delete+reupload download. I wasn't sure if there was an edit button, got a bit rush to reupload a fixed version. Sorry!


I guess this blog serves as a walkthrough?

Hi ya everyone! Thanks for the downloads! Thanks to those who viewed this profile as well!
I mean, you viewed, you're interested, downloading it is just a matter of time ;), jk, its ok if you're not interested!

Some people will play, touch every-single thing. Some won't.
Either way, just thought I'd leave this here since some of the hidden bits are beyond found inside the game.
(And shouldn't be in the story/feature category)

Adding a hide for those not interested in spoilers:
- Coorgle gives in-game tips.
- You CAN win the mini-horror game in the beginning.
- You can interact with everything(floors excluded) before you head out.
- The job-change place is on right of the base, yellow circle thingy. Stated twice ._.
- Doggit is useless in the beginning, but is used to change your room when you "entered" the rpg world.
- Friendship calculation increases on battle turn 0. Or either known as encounters, before you chose fight/run.
- You can choose to ignore the girl in the forest and let her die.(Don't know why would you do that thou)
- To negotiate with the wolves, get the meat, its in that field, walk around.
- Dusts/powder are craftable to potion with alchemist job. Or unlocked with 300 friendship pt with Coorgle.
- The office is in the urban town, the 2nd left house.
- Completing Garrett's first request unlocks the item shop.
- Completing friend requests increase friendship, you can check it with the android device.
- 100 friendship pt with Coorgle unlocks the turn on/off encounters(boss still goes on!)
- The best weapons can only be given from your friends.
- The best armor can only be given from your friends, some from extra boss(e.g sky temple).
- Most friends request/gift ends at 900 friendship points, some at 1000.
- There is a 1/18 chance of meeting doppelgangers in future time temple, encounters of time lobby.
- Most classes get their best skill before/at max lv45. Master Cate at lv50.
- Beating the dumb mini-game I made for a friend gives item that can help out in battle. Total of 6 of them.
- The last 2 songs in the music book is unlocked by sleeping in all rooms once. Including the inn in the world map snowland and firetown.
- Friends will support you in the end if they have at least 900 friendship points.
- "Cat" class will only learn two skills, double attack at lv14, Cate storm at lv40. (So DO change your class!)
- The weird names in the maps are referenced from .hack ideas.
-If for no reason you really hate the cat sprite, you can use formations to change sprite.

For those who didn't click the Show button, here's a cookie.
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