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Changelog 1.2

Credit to firefly84

- Forgot to turn on the self switch for the Behemoth, resulting in spam rewards from boss. Silly me =p

- Toned down the difficulty/speed of Threathrythm by 2. (I really appreciate this, I need to understand more on how to tone difficulty for that gameplay style.)

- Fixed Dilara book quest. (Should not affect old ver)

- Added a cancel for class change. Because I find it annoying to not fix this as well.

-Added text message reward for certain friend request.

-Added a postsign in urban town to tell where the office is.(I struggled so long to wonder how to tell player where is it :C )

-Added glitter sprites for molten rocks, since some doesn't give molten rock by default, resulting in confusions.

-Added a town crystal for abandoned school.(Since some accidental enter requires you to climb to the boss room again in order to exit.)

-Fixed Master Cate issue.

-Fixed an issue in Hark Bluedin where you can reach the platform of Ieodeh, but not exit from it.

-Fixed an error that prevented players from visiting Blue harkdin after recruited Ieodeh.

-Relocated the office to the huge mansion.(Old version can find the office in a small house with an air ventilation on it.)

-Fixed problems after finishing the threatrythm quest that made players cannot proceed due to transportation and party member error.

-Added exp text after winning threatrythm.

-Fixed an error that Wilan's request clash with Ieodeh's request, forcing player to complete wilan's request before able to complete Ieodeh's request.

-Fixed a stuck issue when trying to complete rat's request on Hark Bluedin(forgotten castle).

-Added "reward" text for time temple , story of truths.

-Redesigned the tips for last, final boss.

-Added "special turn effects" info in the books for boss in sky temple.

-Added Firefly84 to credits, thank you, wonderful bug reporter.

Again, I'm sorry to those who downloaded and facing problems to my game.
For those that wish to continue their progress, please move your save folder and paste it into the new version of the game downloaded.

Edit: New ver is now up. Do notify me if there's still bugs running around.