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A learning dummy and a friendly community

Let's see....it's been more than 1 year since the release of Cate Quest. A silly dumb game made for a friend, and first, most embarrassing game released to public.

What's worst is that I never included Firefly84 as a tester until now. Talk about being a beginner in rpgmaker.net
Anyway, one of my game, A Night near the Woods, reminded me about this game. (The talk about Shibo making Cate a hero in a game instead of being the bad guys.)

I think it's also a great opportunity to thank the friendly community of RPGmaker.net for allowing this abomination game to be released in public. Thank you guys, it really means a lot to me. Thanks.

Maybe, just maybe. I should one day come back and improve this game (And it's horrible grammars) Or perhaps, maybe, make a Cate Quest 2? It's not popular or great, but I sure as heck enjoyed making it, as long I have fun making fun stuff, I'm sure the players will have fun as well? We'll see, only time will tell.

Edit: To those that are wondering, yes, there is a Doge Saga, made by Stormcrow and me :D And there once was a small doggo made for his school project that was never released to the public...Doge Quest.
Also now that I look back, How. In the. Heck was this approved with those images. Thank you so much, kind friendly community of RPGmaker.net T.T

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