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Befallen Kingdom Demo

Hey everyone!


This is a demo for my first game project, which is upcoming, called Befallen Kingdom. I've been working on it for some time and should have the full version ready for release towards the end of summer. It is a traditional RPG, created with the RPG Maker 2003, with a few anime elements added. The demo has 5+ hours of gameplay, which is roughly 25-30% of the full version.


The story unfolds in a world in which mages have been long scorned since the Great Mage Wars. An Evil sorcerer takes control of the Kingdoms and, figuratively speaking, divides the world in two: The Arche Islands, where the mages now reside, and the Teles Islands, in which most warriors, merchants, and workers live. Our main character, an amnesiac, awakens in the Arche Islands. Because he is a soldier, a few of our other heroes are puzzled by his appearance, but nonetheless they band together not only to help find answers for our hero, but also to rid their islands of the many fiends now infiltrating the lands. They will find danger in all sorts of places, including Sage's Temples, Underground caves, Towers, and more...


I did monochrome just for the fun of it! =P

Now to introduce some of the games characters!

Our hero, who will remain nameless for now, is a pretty quiet type, but full of determination and resolve. I won't say much more since most of this characters origins are shrouded in disguise.

Main Weapon: One and two-handed Swords
Unable to use magic. Able to throw Bombs, which can inflict substantial damage and inflict Burn status.

Class: White Mage
An intelligent, optimistic, and very protective young woman who plays the role of Healer and Summoner.

Main Weapon: Clubs and short staffs
Specializes in White Magic (Healing/Reviving/Holy Magic) and Summoning (3 avatars available in demo, they will be more spread out in the full version. =p)

Class: Black Mage
A brash, outspoken at times, young girl who lives with Yui near the Town of Callisto. Her past is filled with a few more troubles than she would like to speak about.

Main Weapon: Whips
Specializes in Dark Magic (Dark types: ex: Drain/Instant Death/Dark Magic)

Class: Blue Mage
Another very outspoken character. At times she is very excitable, and a lover of the open seas. She will lead our heroes through the dangerous waters.

Main Weapon: Bows
Specializes in Blue Magic. Able to increase party member's stats, and lower enemy stats. Also able to inflict status effects on the enemies.

Xiao Li
Class : Red Mage
She is more calculated and composed compared to her teammates. She joins the fight because she has a great sense of responsibility.

Main Weapon: Spears
Specializes in Red Magic. This is elemental magic (ex. Ice, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Thunder)

Some of the Sages come into play as well. They are powerful mages who protect the remaining crystal fragments from the Great Mage War. They have kept these fragments safe in the local temples for quite some time. Each of these fragments may be the only hope the Evil Sorcerer has to plunge the world into chaos, our Heroes have to obtain each of the fragments at all means!


The gameplay is pretty simple. The battle system is the default 4-man battle system. Characters will gain skills by gaining levels. Each character has a set Class. There will not be any class changing in this game. Most classes are not traditional types. Classes are as follows: Soldier, White Mage, Red Mage, Black Mage, Blue Mage, Summons, and Sages. Different Summons will be available, the Summon Scrolls are kinda hidden, so pay close attention to your surroundings. In fact, there will be a few hidden items to find. Enemies will also drop items upon their defeat. For people who feel like they want to grind out certain enemies, they might find some nice items (Permanent Stat increase items and other weapons/armor that would otherwise be unavailable). The characters will travel the world searching for clues as to our heroes identity, while fighting fiends, and helping the Sages protect their temples.

Minigames and other Features

The game will feature different mini games as well! Have fun with things such as the Numbers game.(like a lottery), Fishing, Finding items known as Nothings, which can help you earn rare items from a certain NPC. I give the opportunity to get a different gameplay experience each time you play. The battle system is the standard RPG Maker 2003 ATB system. For those who would like a slower pace, Wait mode can be activated.

The game files are already unpacked, so run the demo from RPG_RT.exe. Before you do that though, check the Readme1st file for the control setup, (which is the standard rpgmaker2k3 setup). You will also find helpful tips, and hints there for you.

The Download: Demo (Updated 3.13.09) 113MB packed in .rar
(Added a updated version with dynamic party changing).

Most resources are RTP, some have been edited. I give credits to www.Charas-Project.net. A great place for resources! I also give credit to Force of Nature, Tsuchie, Fat Jon, and Nujabes for the music tracks.

This game is inspired by Final Fantasy games, also some inspiration has been taken from Dragon Quest (in terms of the design of the world map and towns), and a small bit from of Sakura Wars too. There will be some changes made to the demo portion in the full release, but nothing too major I would think. Any questions, comments, concerns, or notification of a bug found are greatly appreciated! Email me!

I hope you all enjoy playing this demo!

Edit:(2.23.09) - Added a dynamic party change system and removed forced party change system. A few minor bugs may be present for those importing a save file into this new version. PM me for the workaround. Also fixed a few other minor bugs. I added a new link for the Updated version under Downloads! Thanks!

Edit: 3.12.09 - Added new download! Discovered several bugs in Rhea Temple (which is the last temple in the demo). One is major in that the teleportor panel wasnt working, so the player will not be able to reach the final boss. xD
Fixed bugs, balanced out a few skills, monsters, and also, I added a Roulette mini-game in the gambling house in Telesto! I'm hoping people have fun with that.

Latest Blog

Glad to see some activity!

Sweet! I wasn't expecting downloads to come so quickly. I hope all are enjoying, and don't forget all comments, criticism, suggestions are welcome! Enjoy playing!
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Hey everyone, it has come to my attention that Sakura's prologue is glitched. The player will get stuck in the beginnning area due to a samll glitch I need to fix. The glitch is major in the fact that you can't progress at all. However, you ARE able to restart the game and choose a different prologue(The other 2 are glitch-free). I plan to fix this tonight, and promply upload a new version. Sorry if anybody got hung up at that spot. The newer version will also have resized interiors for the buildings, since many of them looked disproportionate to one antoher.

I hope all will enjoy, and look for the new download link later this evening!
This game needs a ton of work, if it's still even in the process of being completed. Bugs are not the only thing, although they are still fairly rampant in the 3rd scenario as well. That's where I started the game from, the 3rd scenario, and couldn't even get myself to finish it.

The mapping is very bland and extremely linear. Any attempt to deviate from any path and you're usually told you can't go there yet. It's impossible to get lost in this game. The story just doesn't seem to be coming together much either. You go to a town, talk to some people, go to a temple, get some sort of shard or crystal or something, and then start the process all over again. I haven't quite understand what the story is even about. Understandably, I gave up on it, but after several hours of grinding, fighting, visiting towns, dungeons, and temples, I would have thought the game would have gone somewhere.

Gameplay is the worst offender of all. It takes forever to level up and gain skills, and most of the skills you earn are useless. For the longest time, you fight the same set of green slimes, but as you venture into the game enemies become much more devers and nearly impossible to beat without having to completely restore health and magic between battles. And for your troubles, the enemies seldom drop items, and offer very little EXP or gold for your trouble. About the second temple, random enemies start becoming like mini bosses, and it takes several rounds to clear a fight. Bosses are worse, and near impossible to defeat. What's worse is the high amount of HP for an enemy, and how little damage you tend to do. For example, I level grind my characters pretty high, but even then you encounter enemies with 3000 - 4000 HP, and all together your party may shave off about 300 - 400 total for each round. At this rate, I'd have to go about 10 rounds to clear a normal battle. I've attempted to open the game via the rm2k engine to make this more playable, but in the end it just became too much work, and I gave it up.

I have a hunch you haven't tested this game, at least not to its fullest. If you had, I'm sure you would have recognized the serious flaws with this game. It's a huge mistake to release a game without testing and retesting because it makes people think you don't care how your game will fare, and if you don't care why should anybody else? Hopefully if you are still working on this, you can make some drastic changes before the next release.
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