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A little cyberpunk RPG inspired by Deus Ex (gameplay) and Fallout (combat).

Plot overview

A war has been brewing between the three mega-corporations (de facto rulers of the city) and the delicate power balance seems to shift when information starts leaking that one of them is on the brink of a breakthrough that could tip the scales in their favor.

Amidst the countless ongoing conflicts you will encounter:

Biohera, Kodan Maritime Technologies & IonMedical - The "Big Three" mega-corporations, constantly at war with each other behind the scenes, fighting for control over the city.

The Black Chapter - A group of highly trained black ops agents that defected and joined a rival corporation where

Church of Y - A (literal) underground machine cult that fled to the sewers when religion was banned in the city, waiting for their chance to finally reclaim their territory on the surface.

Pretty much all aspects of the game are customized, I don't use any of the RPG2k3 standard systems except for saving the game (for now).

I don't really want to get into too much detail until the game takes more shape, but in order to fulfill the submission guidelines I will try to provide some general outlines.

Combat - Turn-based on a tile grid. You control up to three characters (the main character and up to two hired mercenaries). Combat options depend on the progress of your weapon skills. A higher skill in a certain category (i.e. "Heavy Weapons", "Melee" etc.) will give you more options for particular weapons. Characters who are trained in Electronics can use drones in combat to aid them. The combat is generally inspired by (and in places shamelessly copied from) the Fallout series.

Cyberware ...will play a certain role, of course. It is used to shape your character and influence certain skills, in and out of combat.

"Cyberspace" - No final name yet. Typical Matrix/Cyberspace/Net or whatever you want to call it. You can hack into electronics to open doors, read confidential correspondence, control computerized systems or have virtual skirmishes against other hackers.

Soundtrack - Custom soundtrack composed by myself and a much more talented collaborator. I will try to upload some samples in the future.

I'll update this text when there is something worthwhile to add.

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It absolutely does. Cyberpunk RPGs are so few here, especially the completed ones. Subscribed.
As soon as there's a download, I will be playing this. This looks exceptional.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Thanks guys :) I'm glad to see other people like it after pouring so much time and energy into it.
Any update for this project? I'm not sure how, but I just discovered it recently. XD You have a really great aesthetic going on.
Yeah I really like the semblance of RTP cyberpunk'd up and ideas like poster images on the wall as tilesets.
Updates are far and few in between, I have a terrible work ethic with this game. Coincidentally, I recently picked it up again. Currently working on getting the battle system to work correctly and doing some mapping and sound design on the side. And I still want to make a couple of GIFs to show how some of the maps look like "in action".

Glad you like it!
This does look really cool. The graphics are fantastic.
Updates are far and few in between, I have a terrible work ethic with this game. Coincidentally, I recently picked it up again.

These cyperpunk rmgames have a really terrible track record getting finished so just take your time C:
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