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Stream of consiousness - Ending the game

  • Marrend
  • 11/08/2018 04:16 PM
So, I have a few ideas about how to start this game, and maybe a few ideas of story-sequences that occur in the middle in regards to auto-stars. How the game ends? I have no clue.

I suppose one idea I had was to pull something of a Suikoden 3, where a small group of stars exist as antagonists for the bulk of the game. With Suikoden 3, the objective of Green Bishop and the Fire Bringer was essentially the same (humanity's freedom, if I recall correctly), they just have different methods/ideas of how to achieve those goals. So, if I go that route, the objectives of the protagonists and antagonists should be the same, but with wildly different methods/ideas of how to get there. The objective for the protagonists in this game is essentially "human freedom", but, I fear the objective of our antagonists is essentially "power for the sake of power".

Another idea is similar to the above, in that there will be a small group of stars that are antagonists for the bulk of the game. However, maybe there is a threat that causes them to work together for a time. The nature of this threat might be supernatural (the Sovereign Rune eventually comes to the conclusion that nobody is worthy of bearing it, and goes haywire?), or external (a foreign power, possibly one that had a hand in the Empress' assassination, tries to leverage the civil war to it's own purpose?), or... I dunno.

Suikoden has had some neat political intrigue stories (see Suikoden 2 and Suikoden 5). I have no idea if I can make a story on that level. I don't really have a team on this game. I've been doing this mostly by myself. Though, Darigaaz, look at what this game can do, despite working alone on it.


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Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
I guess I technically need at least two endings. One if players have successfully recruited all 108 characters, and another if they do not.

Something to consider when I get around to this game again. To be honest, I tried coming back to this earlier. My only goal was to write a scene. I didn't particularly care about when in the game it would take place, it was just to have something written story-wise. While I might have achieved that goal (a small scene that I want to trash revise later), I just... haven't found the willpower/desire to try that again.
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