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Anagrom and the temporal dungeobyrinth

A game made in 2015 for a labyrinth contest, placed fourth (on 12 games).

A long time ago a magic meteorite fell inside an old prison. It has been said the meteorite will grant mind-controlling powers, but no one could find the way to the meteorite

Time passed and only now Anagrom, a final boss in training, wants to acquire that powerful artifact hidden inside the prison. But to get it he needs to travel back in time to find the way to the end of the dungeon...

In the present you need to explore the map and remember the location of traps and chests.
In the past you have to avoid the traps (who you can't see) to find the stairs and get the items in the chests.
You also have a fire spell to help you light the area. (and reveal traps)
There are two final challenges, so try them out! :D

The game is 30-60 minutes long

The game is both in English and Italian. I'm still training in english, so if I misspelled, please inform me back :D
Known bugs: If you change the language from italian back to english, the title screen doesn't change.
If you return to title screen with F12, you won't be able to load the game unless you shut down the game.

Requires VxAce RTP (65Mb)

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  • 05/20/2017 10:17 PM
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  • 05/19/2017
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Looks cool! The gameplay is really interesting. I will give it a try when i will find some time... I'm actually busy making a game for the current event. Besides it's in italian, soooo... รจ perfetto! :)
This is cool, I got lost over and over...
(By the way don't leave unused PSD file since they quite eat some space)
Time travel puzzle dungeon game. Pretty good design, though mapping is on the basic side. But the maps are large enough that you cant easily rush thru the levels. I got an easy ending and a hard ending with a boss. One part of the game didnt get translated (although it did on a different run). Overall it's a good game for a contest entry.
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